Located towards the northeast of the United States, Connecticut has a population of as many as 3,565,287 people. You may know Connecticut as ‘The Constitution State’, ‘The Nutmeg State’, ‘The Provisions State’ or ‘The Land of Steady Habits’, a clear indication of how the state does well in the nicknames department. If you go towards the northwest part of the state, you will see the Bear Mountain soaring high in Salisbury, being the highest peak in the state.

You’re sure to witness the most amazing maritime activities in the metropolitan region of the state near the Connecticut River Valley. If you ever visit the Litchfield Hills, you are sure to be mesmerized by the different variations in the landscapes, rolling mountains and horse farms making you feel like you want the time to stop there. That’s not it, there are also many coastal marshes and beaches waiting for you near the eastern part of New Haven.

What Should I Know Before Moving To Connecticut?

The state of Massachusetts and Long Island Sound border Connecticut towards the north and south, while the eastern and western part of the state is bordered by Rhode Island and New York. Connecticut has a total area of as much as 5,567 sq mi and is known to be among the densely populated states in America. If you visit Connecticut, you will discover that the state is a mixture of an amazing rural and urban life. You will get to experience the state’s most amazing rustic landscapes, rolling mountains, harbours and beaches, while also enjoying the different historical places.

The Connecticut River flows through the state and hence the state is named after it and is often referred to as ‘the long tidal river’. The state has various historical sites for you to explore. If you are a fan of old artifacts, sites and books, you definitely need to stop by the Scoville Memorial Library which is the oldest library in the state. The best thing about Connecticut is that it is ranked among the top states in the U.S for the highest individual income, median household income and also healthcare. So if this interests you, just keep reading as we unfold more facts and data about the state.

Crime Rate In Connecticut

We don’t want you to get carried away with the beauty of the state by just knowing the different attractions of the state. Having incomplete knowledge about a place could end up being counterproductive for you. So that’s why you also need to check how safe the state is before you plan your move. According to NeighborhoodScout, the crime rate in Connecticut for violent crimes is around 1.84 for 1000 people. Which means that your chance of being a victim of violent crimes is 1 in 545 people. The crime rate in Connecticut for property crimes is around 14.27 for 1000 people as per NeighborhoodScout. So basically, your chance of being a victim of property crimes is 1 in 70 people.

Connecticut Weather

Connecticut experiences different kinds of climate in the northern and southern regions. If you are residing in the northern part of the state, you are likely to experience a humid subtropical climate. If you happen to live in the southern part of the state, you are sure to experience a humid continental climate. The summers in the state are humid and the average temperature can be between 69.8 degree Fahrenheit to 75.2 degree Fahrenheit. The temperature can go upto 89.6 degree Fahrenheit because of the frequent heat waves during the day.

Winters are experienced in the month of January where the average temperature can be around 26.6 degree Fahrenheit. You will experience snowfall every year in winters ranging from around 890 mm to 1,145 mm depending on which part of the state you’re residing. You need to be aware of the different thunderstorms and lightning that occurs in the state despite having sunny summers. Not only that, but the state also experiences tropical cyclones and tornadoes, especially near the Connecticut River Valley.

Is It Expensive To Live In Connecticut?

This is something you need to ponder on before you decide to move to Connecticut. You have to think of other aspects like all of the expenses you’ll have to meet if you move to a new place. You will be charged around $3,291 as your state tax in Connecticut as per SmartAsset. Your income tax would be around $16,523 whereas your sales tax would be around $1,145. Similarly, expect to shell out around $5,359 as your property tax, apart from paying approximately $206 towards the fuel tax. To add things up, your overall estimated tax burden would be around $23,233.

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Buying A House

According to Zillow, you will have to pay around $294,046 as your median home value in Connecticut. An important thing you should note is that the housing prices in the state have risen up to around 13.1% over the past year.

Renting A House

According to HomeSnacks, your average rent in Connecticut would be around $1,800. Unfortunately, even renting in Connecticut isn’t cheap, as that happens to be 9.1% more than the U.S average of around $1,650.

Utility Bills

Apart from your housing expenses, there are other essential things you’ll need to take care of. Let’s not forget your healthcare costs which would be around $4,498 annually. Now that happens to be more than the U.S national average of around $4,266 per year. If you’re wondering about your entire family’s healthcare expenses, you will have to pay around $13,696 which is higher than the U.S national average of around $12,950, as stated by 24/7 Wall St. According to the data shared by Patch, your electricity bill will cost you around $139.97 in Connecticut. As a resident of Connecticut, your total utility bill would be around $444.03 per month, which is higher compared to $398.25, a number that an average American would pay, as stated by Patch.

Connecticut Economy And Employment Opportunities

Connecticut’s economy rose from around $277.9 billion in 2018 to around $289 billion in 2019 which is remarkably astounding! The state’s individual personal salary is considered as one of the highest in the United States which was around $79,087 in the year 2019. The state is also home to many raw materials like mica, gravel, stone and feldspar and that’s why manufacturing and importing takes place. Manufacturing is one of the main industries in the state, known to produce different items like silverware, clocks, sewing machines and several other brass products.

Zippia has determined various highest paying working professionals in various professionals. According to Zippia, people engaged in the healthcare sector like Obstetricians and Gynecologists are the highest paid working professionals in the state along with Physicians, Surgeons and Dentists. If you are an Obstetrician or a Gynecologist in the state, you will earn an average salary of around $259,810. Psychiatrists will earn upto $254,210 whereas physicians can earn upto $208,310. If you are a Dentist, you will earn upto $192,540. People who are engaged in Computers or Information Systems Managers will earn upto $148,380 whereas Architectural and Engineering Managers can earn around $147,940. Because of the state’s growing economy, you are sure to make big bucks especially if you’re in the healthcare industry.


Connecticut has around 139 districts with as many as 216 high schools The state has been ranked 12th on the K-12 Achievement Index. You will find a lot of Liberal Arts Colleges and Research Universities especially in the cities of New Haven, Bridgeport and Hartford.

If you want to get admitted into a prestigious Research Institution, then you should definitely consider Yale University in New Haven. You needn’t compromise with your other interests like drama and art, as the Quinnipiac University in Hamden will offer you various comedy shows and film series to take part in. You can also enjoy your sports activities along with your academics at Wesleyan University in Middletown. Apart from that, if you are more inclined towards pursuing Liberal Arts, then you can visit the Trinity College at Hartford which is one of the finest liberal arts colleges in the state.

Getting Around Connecticut


You can explore around 17 cities in Connecticut via bus, where your bus ticket for the top most routes will cost you around $28 as per Wanderu. The cheapest bus ticket available for you will be around $5, while the most expensive bus ticket will cost you around $75. The Greyhound will offer you the best bus services as it will not just connect you to 4 cities with the state, but also from around 160 cities from other states. Apart from that, there is the Peter Pan Lines which will connect you to Connecticut from around 14 places outside the state.


Your basic taxi fare in Connecticut will be around $3.90. You will be charged around $1.40 per km while your cost for one hour waiting would be around $25. You can also book an Uber to travel to different places within the state. Your basic fare for an UberX will be around $2.55. If you book an UberXL, you will have to pay around $3.85. Your minimum fare for an UberBLACK will cost you around $7.


You can travel to around 14 cities in Connecticut via trains where your train ticket for the top most routes will cost you around $44 as per Wanderu. The cheapest train ticket available for you would be around $4 while the most expensive train ticket will cost you around $148. The Amtrak will provide you the best train services as it will connect you to not just 13 cities within the state but also from 217 other cities to Connecticut. There is also the Amtrak Northeast Regional which connects you to 12 cities in Connecticut and 36 outside the state. Apart from that, there is the Amtrak Acela – a train which takes you to 2 cities in The Constitutions State and with connections to 12 outside of it.

Best Cities To Live In Connecticut

1. Shelton

Located between Bridgeport and New Haven, Shelton has a population of as many as 41,141 people. If you are a person who enjoys living in the countryside, then you’re sure to treat yourself with a lot of things at Shelton. You can treat yourself with a lot of blueberries, strawberries and pumpkin when you go explore the Jones Family Farms. You can visit this 400 acre farm with your family and enjoy the hayrides and pumpkin farms. Apart from that there is the Indian Well State Park near Lake Housatonic. You can enjoy swimming at the beach near the lake or have a fun picnic with your family. The best thing about living in Shelton is that the crime rate here is around 70% lower than the national average as stated by homesnacks. Not only that, but the city has so far the highest median household income of around $97,131 as stated by homesnacks.

  • Median Home value: $349,300
  • Median Home rent: $1,450
  • Unemployment rate: 5.5%

2. Milford

Located in between New Haven and Bridgeport on the Long Island Sound, Milford has a population of as many as 52,732 people. If you are a beach person, then you should definitely go get tanned at the Silver Sand State Park or Walnut beach. You can also enjoy bird watching and explore the city’s wildlife at the Silver Sand State Park. If you want to know more about Connecticut’s history, you should definitely visit the Boothe Memorial Park and Museum where you will get to see different historic sites. You will be glad to know that Milford has a poverty level of as much as 4.7% according to HomeSnacks. The best thing about living in Milford is that the city has a median household income of around $91,783 every year as stated by homesnacks.

  • Median Home value: $312,500
  • Median Home rent: $1,515
  • Unemployment rate: 4.8%

3. Middleton

It will take you around 15 minutes from the southeast of New Britain to reach Middleton, having a population of as many as 46,511 people. If you enjoy being amidst nature, get ready to explore amazing waterfalls, meadows, forests and streams at the Wadsworth Falls State Park where you can enjoy swimming, fishing and get tanned at the beaches in summers. There’s always something special about the olden times, especially the art and culture during Renaissance which you will get to experience at the Davison Arts Museum founded by the Wesleyan University. You will find various photographs from the early 20th century by various European, Japanese and American artists. Middletown is home to the most prestigious Wesleyan University which is one of the most reputed institutions of the state.

  • Median Home value: $231,300
  • Median Home rent: $1,186
  • Unemployment rate: 5.9%

Is Connecticut A Good Place To Live?

Before you decide to move to a new state, you will definitely think about so many things like finding a house, commuting facilities in the state, food and other necessary expenses, not to forget the taxes you’ll have to pay to the state. In terms of housing expenses and food, Connecticut is quite affordable. However, the weather can create problems for you as you might experience unexpected thunderstorms and tropical cyclones not just in winters when there is a snowfall, but also in summers due to the increasing heat waves. One plus point for you would be that the individual salary and median household income is ranked highest in Connecticut. We advise you to plan your budget and see if you can afford living in the state. So if you are ready to bear the unpredictable weather and enjoy the state’s amenities, then Connecticut can definitely be considered a good place to live.

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