When you choose to rent a moving truck for a DIY move, you are already choosing the most affordable way to move. You get to take charge and control every aspect of your move. A DIY move is truly wallet-friendly because after all, it is you who is doing all the work.

But what if we told you that you can always grab the opportunities to cut down the cost of your DIY move further? How is this even possible, you might ask! It is, and let us tell you how. Most of the truck rental companies offer massive discounts and other promotional offers which help their customers to get a beneficial deal. As long as you remain alert and negotiate well, you can always score great deals. Want to know what truck rental companies have to offer? Here’s all that we know!

Best Moving Truck Rental Discounts

1. Budget Truck Rental

Budget Truck Rental logo

Like the name of the company suggests, Budget Truck Rental has gained popularity for offering some really great deals to its customers. Affordability along with great services is what attracts their customers. Budget truck rental not only offers low quotes but also a lot of seasonal and year-long discount offers. Let us see what Budget truck rental has to offer to you.

  • Budget Truck Rental offers a 20% discount to all the members of the military. All you have to do is use the following code: ‘USMILORD’.
  • If you are an AARP member, you can get up to 20% off while moving on the weekdays (Sunday-Thursday) and a 10% on weekend moves (Friday-Saturday).
  • Members of the Motor Club can get a 20% off on all their local moves and a 15% off on their long-distance (one-way) moves. You will be asked to use the following code in order to avail of this discount: ‘MOTRC’.
  • First Responders including firefighters, EMT, and Police can use the code SERVICE to get a 20% off on their local moves and a 15% on their one-way moves.
  • Budget also helps students save up to 20% on local moves and 15% on one-way moves. They can avail of this offer by using the following code: ‘TRUKU’.
  • Members of the Bar Association can use the code LAWYER to get a 20% off on local moves and 15% off on long-distance moves.

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2. U-Haul Truck Rental

U-Haul logo

U-Haul is a household name in America. People prefer using U-Haul because the company has a lot of services to offer and those too, at a very low rate. It has been one of the industry leaders because people have always been able to go through their U-Haul moves at budget-friendly rates. Let us now have a look at the discounts that are offered by U-Haul Truck Rental.

  • U-Haul customers can get 15% off the hotel price if they choose to stay at one of the Choice Hotels during their moves.
  • U-Haul has also partnered with Wyndham Hotels. You can get 10% off your hotel price while staying at Wyndham hotels during your U-Haul move.
  • Anyone who rents a truck or a trailer from U-Haul is eligible for a one-month free storage offer from U-Haul.

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3. Penske Truck Rental

Penske logo

Many people love Penske because not only does it try to be environmentally friendly, but it also offers transparent prices to its customers. Penske is known for its no-nonsense way of doing business. You can score cheap deals with Penske with the added benefit of getting guaranteed reservations. Once you get a quote from Penske, you can use any of the following discounts offered by the company to bring down the price of your move.

  • Penske offers you 10% off if you reserve your moves online.
  • Customers that possess an AAA membership will get a 12% off on their moves with Penske.
  • College students get a 10% off on all their rental truck moves.
  • Penske offers 10% off to all the members of the military.
  • There are a lot of seasonal discounts that you can take advantage of. All you have to do is ask the company about their seasonal discounts while making a reservation. For instance, Penske is currently offering a minimum of 10% off (could be even more than that!) on some one-way rentals till April 30, 2021. To avail of this offer, make sure that you use the code SPRING21.
  • This is not exactly a discount offer but you should know that Penske offers unlimited miles on their one-way rental. This means that you won’t be asked to pay a per-mile rate for your long-distance moves.

4. Home Depot

The Home Depot logo

Home Depot has a great selection of moving trucks available for its customers. The company has also partnered up with Penske Truck Rental. This has been done for the people who have no access to Home Depot Truck Rental. The prices offered by them are pretty great and the discounts bring down the price of your move a tad bit more. Have a look at their discount offers below.

  • Home Depot offers a 12% off on the price of the move to AAA members.
  • Students can avail of a 10% discount while moving with Home Depot.
  • Active-duty members of the military can also get a 10% discount if they move with Home Depot.

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5. Enterprise Truck Rental

Enterprise Truck Rental logo

Enterprise is not only known for its truck rentals but also their car rentals. You will find a wind range of sizes (14 sizes to be accurate!) of trucks for your move with Enterprise. Although they offer only local moving services, you should consider hiring them as they never charge their customers with any hidden fees. Although the company doesn’t have much to offer in the discounts category, we would still like you to take note of the following things.

  • Members of the Progressive Perkshare can get a 10% off on their daily base rates while moving with Enterprise.
  • The first 300 miles are free after which you will be charged a per-mile rate.

Other Ways to Reduce the Cost of your Moves

A wise person would never rely on only discounts to bring down the price of his/her move. What we mean to say is that there are several ways in which you can actually make the move cheaper for yourself and end up not breaking the bank. Apart from discounts, you can do the following things to make your DIY move cheaper.

1. Getting Rid of Unnecessary Stuff

As humans, we tend to accumulate a lot of things over the years. If you walk around your house right now, you will notice that there are so many things that you never use and even some other things that are broken beyond repair. If you get rid of unnecessary stuff, you can succeed in bringing the price of your move. How? Consider this, the more stuff you move, the bigger truck you will require, and the bigger truck you rent out, the more you will pay.

That is why decluttering is the first step to moving out of a house. How do you exactly go about this? Don’t worry, there is an easy way to downsize your move. Create an inventory of all the objects you own. Now, divide them into three groups namely, the stuff you need and use, the stuff you don’t use, and the stuff that is spoiled or broken. Once that is done, you can get rid of the unnecessary stuff in the following ways.

2. Get Quotes from Multiple Companies

Even though you are going for a DIY move, don’t assume that it will be very cheap. The moving industry harbors several companies because of which the industry witnesses a lot of competition.

You can use this competition to your benefit by trying to find the company that offers the best rates. Many companies try to beat the prices offered by their competitors. Needless to say, a clever customer will use this knowledge to their advantage and try to get the best deal possible.

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3. Search for Moving Coupons

There are several discount websites like Groupon and RetailMeNot that allow customers to purchase moving coupons. These coupons can help one get great discounts from any moving company. For instance, you might find a coupon that lets you save 20% on your rental price while moving with U-Haul. If you do not find any discounts being offered by a particular company, don’t forget to check out moving coupon websites.

4. Truly DIY It

When you rent out a truck, you might also hire someone to pack and load your stuff. Let us tell you that you are not saving any money in this process. If you are moving with a rental truck, truly DIY-ing your move is the only way to save money.

If you feel that the work is too much and you won’t be able to do it by yourself, you can always reach out to your family members and friends. Decide on a date and inform them at least 1-2 weeks before your move so that they can also free up their schedule and come to your aid.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does AAA offer discounts on moving trucks?

Penske is AAA’s exclusive truck provider as a result of which AAA members can get a 12% discount on their daily truck rental. AAA members can also get up to 20% off if they choose to book their moves online. To add to that, AAA members can buy moving and packing supplies from Penske at a discounted rate.

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Is Budget Truck Rental cheaper than U-Haul?

The average cost of a Budget rental truck is $2.04 per mile. On the other hand, the average cost of a U-Haul rental truck is $1.77 per mile. This means that U-Haul is indeed the cheaper of the two options.

Does Budget Truck have unlimited miles?

No, Budget does not offer unlimited mileage. When you move locally, Budget will charge you a per-mile rate. On the contrary, Budget includes a mileage cap on one-way moves. You won’t be charged a per-mile rate as long as you don’t exceed that cap, but the moment you do exceed, you will be charged by the miles.

Final Thoughts

You can achieve anything, but only if you plan your actions well. In this, the ultimate goal is to bring down the price of your truck rental move. So make sure that you start looking into the process of reservation well in advance. Keep an eye out for the promotional codes and discount offers. Plan out the schedule of your move and try to strictly adhere to it. If you do all this, there is no doubt that your move will not only be budget-friendly but also quite smooth.

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