Extra Hands PGH
  • Fair Pricing
  • Experienced
Bellhop Moving
  • Full Service Moving
  • Hourly Labor
Meta Movers
  • Good customer Service
  • Full service packing
Made EZ Moving
  • Safe and Vault Moving
  • Piano Moving
Flat Price Moving and Auto Shipping
  • Auto Shipping
  • Modern Storage Services

Situated at the junction of three rivers, Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio to form ‘The Golden Triangle’, is Pittsburgh.

Known as “The Steel City” because of the innumerable steel businesses in the city, Pittsburgh is also steeped in history, with the industrial revolution that took place a few centuries ago playing a part in that.

If you’ve been living here you know that you are never too far away from a bridge. After all, we’re talking about a city that’s famous for having as many as 446 bridges. Being a seat of educational excellence and a hub of research and innovations, Pittsburgh does attract many families to move here, including those residing in other cities of Pennsylvania.

The diverse nature of neighborhoods in Pittsburgh means even the locals have reason to move, albeit within the city itself. So naturally, the need for efficient moving companies arises.

Luckily, there’s no dearth of that. As a great starting point, have a look at our list of the best moving companies in Pittsburgh, PA you can consider for your moving needs.

Top 5 Professional Pittsburgh, PA Movers

Moving CompanyExtra Hands PGHBellhop MovingMeta MoversMade EZ movingFlat Price Moving and Auto Shipping
LogoExtra Hands PGH LogoBellhop MovingMeta Movers logoMade EZ Moving LogoFlat Price Moving logo
DoT NumberNA28782403295834NA2815075
MC NumberNANA1044452NA938543
ProsNegotiable and Fair Pricing

Experienced, hardworking team

Piano moving, hot tub moving
Hourly Labor

Long distance moves

Request for dedicated trucks
Moving help all across the state

Full service packing

Good customer service
Carries out all kinds of Moving

Safe and Vault Moving

Piano Moving
Auto Shipping

Modern Storage Services

Full service movers and packers
ConsLocal Moving Only

No storage
They do not offer packing services

Cannot install or uninstall appliances
Do not move pianos

No specialty moving or storage
No Storage FacilitiesDo not help with unpacking

No Senior Assistance or military discounts

5 Top Rated Moving Companies in Pittsburgh

  1. Extra Hands PGH
  2. Bellhop Moving
  3. Meta Movers
  4. Made EZ moving
  5. Flat Price Moving and Auto Shipping

Long Distance Movers | Last-Minute Movers

1. Extra Hands PGH

Extra Hands PGH Logo

Extra Hands PGH, is a local moving company, which shouldn’t come as a surprise given their name. But it doesn’t mean they can’t handle long distance moves because they’re actually quite well versed at that too.

Don’t get confused though, as these guys are often referred to as Pittsburgh Moving too. With your biggest and smallest of moves, Pittsburgh Moving will go above and beyond to be punctual and efficient. Strong, resourceful and very capable crew members are a part of the team who will assist you on moving day.

You should know that Extra Hands PGH can very well be considered as a new fish in the pond as they’ve only been around since 2018. But that doesn’t take anything away from their capability.

In fact, one quick look at their customer reviews will shed a light on how reliable they are. To maintain their reliability, Extra Hands PGH makes use of the best equipment and tools to move your belongings.

What’s good to know is that these guys are experts at moving specialty items such as pianos, gym equipment, couches, and other such things that are complicated, heavy but need gentle handling.

Extra Hands PGH is not just affordable, but they’re also willing to work on a budget. You can ask for labor only, just packing services or a full service move. Whatever it is that you are looking for, Extra Hands PGH will help you with that.

Why We Recommend Extra Hands PGH:

Labor Only Services: Pack! Load!! Move!!! That is the mantra driving the full service moving assignment of Extra Hands PGH. Hire them to get an affordable but quality service at moving your home.

The thing with moving is that you don’t always require services for each facet of relocation. But there are some tasks that are physically more strenuous. Packing and unpacking are definitely some of them.

Then there’s also the physically demanding loading and unloading of belongings in a truck. With Extra Hands PGH, you can get assistance specifically for such Labor only services while you carry out the rest yourself.

Although, that’s not all their labor services are restricted to. You could use them for rearranging furniture just as well, among other things.

Full Service Packing: The benefits of this service is the customization that comes with it. You can choose to let Extra Hands PGH completely take the reins of packing every single item in your house.

Be it large furniture and appliances or even smaller apparels, electronics and accessories, the full-service packing covers it all. Speaking of customization, you could also opt for a partial packing service where you share the packing load with them.

Or for that matter, have them take over the packing responsibilities for the more valuable and fragile items. With their professional packing supplies, Extra Hands PGH can be that absolute packing solution you desire.

Making use of their own packing supplies also means that all your belongings will be secured well in high quality materials to endure the transit and reach your new home in good condition.

Reviews and Ratings

  • Google: 4.9/5
  • Hire a Helper: 5/5

Company Information

  • Address: 5746 Pierce St, Pittsburgh, PA 15232, United States
  • Phone: 717-317-3921
  • Email: extrahandspgh@gmail.com
  • Website: https://www.extrahandspgh.com/
  • Working Hours: Open 24 hours

2. Bellhop Moving

Bellhop Moving

One of the best moving companies in Pittsburgh, who know their way around the city and the state, Bellhop Moving is definitely a company that’s known well in the industry.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise considering how they serve over 25 states apart from Pennsylvania, apart from having carried out over 200,000 moves till date.

As a full-service company, Bellhop moving provides all kinds of services and also lets you customize so that you can also pick the ones you really need.

With a very exceptionally hard working team who are dedicated to their moving duties and take great care to pack every item in such a way that everything is protected.

Only the people who are background checked and drug screened are the ones who make it to the team of Bellhop Moving. The company takes their reputation seriously, and that’s why great attitude, personality and extreme care for customers are things that Bellhop Moving always pays heed to.

Why We Recommend Bellhop Moving:

Full Service Moving: Ask for a long distance move or local move, whatever is your requirement, you can hire the services of Bellhop. Ask for a dedicated truck so that you do not have to share space with anyone else and you will get it.

Be it downsizing your apartment, upsizing or just needing some support with the labor intensive tasks, Bellhop Moving are experts at dealing with it all. For whenever your move is scheduled, you will have a highly motivated team of people, equipped with the best tools and equipment to assist you with your moving day.

Bellhop Moving also allocates a dedicated move coordinator so that there is just one person there to consult you throughout your move, meet all your queries and avoid confusion at the same time.

Packing Supplies: Bellhop Moving also sells good quality packing supplies so that you do not have to rush around town looking for packing supplies, just in case you think of doing the move yourself.

There’s no harm in doing that, but you can’t always rely on local stores to send boxes that won’t cave in soon as you put something inside.

So you can absolutely go ahead with a DIY move, but you would still need good quality corrugated boxes of varying sizes to pack. It goes without saying, you would also need other packing materials such as high quality tape, shrink wrap, glassine, bubble wrap and moving blankets among other things.

Ratings and Reviews

  • Yelp: 3.5/5
  • Thumbtack: 4.7/5
  • Google Reviews: 4.5/5

Company Information

  • Address: 342 Oakland Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
  • Phone: 412-515-3979
  • Email: support@bellhop.com
  • Website: https://www.getbellhops.com/market/pittsburgh-pennsylvania/
  • Working Hours: Monday to Sunday: 8am to 9pm

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3. Meta Movers

Meta Movers logo

A fully licensed and insured moving company in the beautiful city of Pittsburgh, Meta Movers is your straightforward moving company choice that will help you move anywhere in the country.

You can ask for full service local Pittsburgh moves, long distance residential and commercial moves or even loading and unloading your trucks and PODS. Going a step further, you could also hire Meta Movers to move items and furniture around your home, office or apartment.

Need exceptional packing services at the 11th hour? Yes, you can call these guys and they’ll do the rest. With almost ten years of experience under their belt, you can rest assured that all aspects of your stressful moving day will be handled by Meta Movers in the coolest fashion ever.

Plus they’re a licensed and insured company so you have another reason to consider using their services.

Why We Recommend Meta Movers:

Services of All Kinds: Unlike a fair bunch of companies out there, Meta Movers can be hired for small delivery, labor or parking only services too. The kind of services they provide knows no bounds honestly.

So beyond the usual short and long distance moves within Pittsburgh or cross country, you also get specialized services such as hoisting of furniture with Mera Movers.

This especially comes in handy for those situations where the larger pieces of furniture do not really fit in the doorway. All it takes is an additional $26 per hour for you to get their hoisting services.

Services of all kinds means you can always get support with the labor intensive tasks too. Keep in mind that Meta Movers will charge you $99 per hour for labor, small delivery, loading and unloading. It’s also worth noting that Meta Movers will book you for a minimum of two hours for this assignment.

Also, you could be moving anywhere in the country and that won’t be a problem because they will gladly give you an estimate for it.

A Pack Of Packers: Meta Movers will get you a team of three packers with no hidden costs at an hourly rate of $99. Any additional mover will be an additional $26 per hour.

But whatever the costs, you will never regret the decision to hire them because they will do a darn good job of packing each and every belonging of yours in the best way possible.

The boxes, containers and all the packaging in general are taped shut and secured properly with sufficient padding provided to each item depending on their size.

Reviews and Ratings

  • Google: 4.8/5
  • Moving Me: 5/5
  • Porch: 4.8/5

Company Information

  • Address: 13 Holt St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203, United States
  • Phone: 412-347-5044
  • Email: metamoverspgh@gmail.com
  • Website: https://www.metamoverspittsburgh.com/
  • Working Hours: Monday to Sunday: 8am to 8pm

4. Made EZ Moving

Made EZ Moving Logo

A family owned, full service moving company based out of Pittsburgh, Made EZ Moving has a huge service folio that’s worth your attention. Made EZ Moving will come marching at your door with a full fledged crew who are efficient, experienced and care a lot about making moving day a memorable one for their customers.

They will come equipped with protective blankets, tapes, boxes, tools, dollies etc.. all set to move you to your new place. Established in 2009, they have grown extensively in their service offerings and with extremely satisfied customers in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas, they are known today as one of the best moving companies.

Why We Recommend Made EZ Moving:

Services of All Kinds: Made EZ Moving actually makes it easy to choose simply because of all that they have to offer.

They can help you with local and long distance moves, residential and commercial moves, packing and unpacking upon request, specialty moving, loading and unloading, rental truck driving, last minute moving, room to room moving in-house, and furniture assembly too.

You should know that Made EZ Moving has a track record of probably taking up the most challenging moves and turning it around into a successful task. Not only that, but the company is also known to undertake specialty moving such as pianos, safes and vaults.

If you are just refurbishing your current home and need some help with moving furniture inside the house, you can hire their help for that too. how convenient!

Loading, Unloading and Rental Truck Driving: Say you want to carry out the move yourself. You have got yourself a container or a rental truck. You have finished with the packing and now need some muscles to load the container or the truck and move it to your new home.

Made EZ Moving is just a call away. You can call them and get them to load and unload your rental truck and then even drive the rental truck to its location. So now you can strike that off your list… we mean, how to move that rental truck around town!

Reviews and Ratings

  • Google: 4.9/5
  • Great Guys Moving: 4.1/5

Company Information

  • Address: 3839 Delco Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15227, United States
  • Phone: 412-770-4096
  • Email: madeezmoving@gmail.com
  • Website: http://madeezmovingpittsburgh.com/
  • Working Hours: Monday to Sunday: 7am to 9pm

5. Flat Price Moving and Auto Shipping

Flat Price Moving logo

With over 12 years of experience, Flat Price Moving and Auto Shipping are at the top of the moving game with their full service portfolio.

Name it and they do it. Whether you are moving home, offices or even vehicles that matter, you get services for everything. If at all you were wondering about it, you can get storage solutions too for both long and short term duration.

With all their offerings you may think that the services offered my Flat Price Moving and Auto Shipping would be expensive? But, read the name of the company again, it’s actually a hint to their affordable service prices.

Why We Recommend Flat Price Moving and Auto Shipping:

Auto Transport: You actually do not have to worry about another vendor. This is one place where everything that you own can get shipped. So you can shut the door on the worries of coordinating with multiple vendors.

With Flat Price Moving and Auto Shipping, you get two options to choose from. The first is a door to door delivery service, while the second one is a terminal to terminal delivery option. On the basis of your budget and convenience, you can make a choice that suits you best.

Just know that door to door delivery would be the relatively expensive option. But that’s not all, like all good auto shipping companies, Flat Price also provides options in terms of how you want your vehicle to be transported.

You can choose an open carrier or an enclosed one. Once again, it’s important to know that the enclosed auto transport carrier would be the more expensive one.

High Quality Storage Solutions: Flat Price storage solutions are reliable and affordable and that is because they have been in the business for a very long time. With their avante-garde storage facilities, Flat Price Moving and Auto Shipping is actually leaving no stone unturned to give you the best options for moving.

If you are moving with them, then the first 30 days are anyway free for storage. If you need the storage space post that, then you will have to pay, which will get added to the total moving cost.

Their storage facilities are climate-controlled and secure, with 24-hours camera and also microphone surveillance. Also, as an added measure, there is personnel surveillance 24×7 too. So clearly, Flat Price Moving and Auto Shipping do not compromise on security.

Reviews and Ratings

  • Angie’s List: 5/5
  • Google: 4.9/5

Company Information

  • Address: Pittsburgh, PA
  • Phone: 412-274-7674
  • Email: info@flatpriceautotransport.com
  • Website: https://www.flatpriceautotransport.com/
  • Working Hours: Open Sunday to Saturday: 8am to 8pm

Top 3 Pittsburgh Long Distance Moving Companies

Ensuring a seamless transition during long distance moves requires the support of a dependable and efficient moving company.

We understand the significance of finding the right assistance, which is why we have dedicated our time to thorough research and the creation of a comprehensive list of highly reputable long distance moving companies in Pittsburgh.

Our selection process meticulously considers essential factors such as reputation, the wide range of services provided, and valuable customer feedback. Continue reading to find the ideal match for your upcoming move and enjoy a stress-free relocation experience.

Friendly Movers LLC
  • Highly Responsive
  • Varied Services
Bellhop Moving
  • Full Service Moving
  • Hourly Labor
All My Sons Moving & Storage
  • White-glove Moving Services
  • Same-day Availability

Top 3 Last-Minute Movers in Pittsburgh, PA

When faced with a time crunch and the urgency of a quick move, finding a trustworthy and efficient last-minute moving company in Pittsburgh can be challenging. However, there’s no need to worry!

We understand the importance of your situation and have gone to great lengths to alleviate your concerns. Through thorough research, we have meticulously curated a list of the top-notch last-minute movers in your vicinity.

With our assistance, you can swiftly identify the most suitable professionals who possess the necessary expertise to handle your immediate relocation needs with the utmost care and efficiency.

Bellhop Moving
  • Full Service Moving
  • Hourly Labor
Miracle Movers Pittsburgh
  • Long Distance Moving
  • Packing and Unpacking
Made EZ Moving
  • Safe and Vault Moving
  • Piano Moving

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