Moving is a strenuous and expensive task. You would want to save every dime for your stay rather than spending a lot on relocating services, especially moving second-hand furniture. Cupboards, beds will cost you more money than buying from a store. And it is time consuming to pack and discuss logistics with your mover. Think about the money you can recover by selling your second-hand furniture to local garage sales.

It is undoubtedly a bonus when a furniture company offers white glove delivery services. They give special attention to delicate items, and precisely, move your items up the stairs with ease. This cuts all the unnecessary assembling and disassembling that comes with moving second-hand furniture. Just so you don’t have to, we have narrowed down the five best furniture companies with white glove delivery service for you to choose from.

     Macy’sCrate And BarrelCircle FurnitureLulu And GeorgiaPottery Barn
LogoMacy Movers logoCrate&Barrel logCircle Furniture logoLulu and Georgia logoPottery Barn logo
ProsGood delivery options.  
Good shipping rates.     
Quality packing materials used.  
Fine customer service.
Eco-friendly methods used.
  Boxes are sanitized before leaving the warehouse.
Quality selection of furniture.  
Good customer – client response.
Higher Quality Furniture
  Durable kids’ furniture.
ConsShipping periods can get long.Items ordered together may not arrive together.Central stores are located only in Massachusetts at the moment.Prices are slightly pricey.High prices.
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Top 5 Furniture Companies with White Glove Delivery Service

  1. Macy’s
  2. Crate & Barrel
  3. Circle Furniture
  4. Lulu and Gerogia
  5. Pottery Barn

1. Macy’s

Macy Movers logo

Macy’s is one of America’s biggest department stores. Being in the business for more than 160 years, Macy’s has and continues to ship to approximately 200 destinations worldwide. With their stores in every major US city, deliveries are faster and cheaper. From home decor to bedrooms, Macy’s has something suited for everyone’s style. And if you are unsure what you want, their online customer service or on-staff will happily guide you.

Macy’s white glove delivery service has a standard procedure. They offer in-home delivery, assembly and unboxing. You can also ask them to unload the furniture in your preferred room. Additionally, they will move your existing furniture and clean the space before setting up.

Reasons To Choose Macy’s

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction: The company inspects and checks for any minor defects before moving. Upon arrival, the team demonstrates the product, and answers any customer queries. Also, they have a tracking app that provides real time tracking of your furniture.

When it comes to return policies, Macy’s has a 90-day tenure, whether the product is damaged or you just prefer a different piece. Furniture protection plans will be refunded for returns based on preference. This attracts new customers as such versatile return policies are rare to find in furniture companies.

Flexible Delivery Options: Macy’s white glove services can extend to remote delivery locations and military bases as well. However, delivery fees will be higher than the standard shipping fee. If you want more knowledge of the fee structure, contact a store colleague or put in your zip code onto their website. Give them a call or email your requirements if you live in either of the two. Also, their delivery timings are well scheduled-towards the customer’s needs and punctual.


Macy’s pricings vary location to location. It is better to get a quote from them before going forward. You should know that a base fee of $110 is charged for all white glove deliveries. Their approximate pricings are as follows:

Number of PiecesRate
2 Pieces$145
3 Pieces$180
4 Pieces$215
5+ Pieces$261


  • Consumer Affairs – 4/5
  • Site Jabber – 3/5

2. Crate and Barrel

Crate&Barrel logo

Crate and Barrel is an international brand having 100 stores and franchises in 9 countries. If you want a more modern feel to your furniture, then look no further than Crate and Barrel. They have a wide catalogue of contemporary sofas, entryways, bedrooms, and accent tables and chairs. No customer review is left unread as they engage with their customers via social media and mobile shopping.

Crate and Barrel provides the best in-home delivery for larger items. Their white glove services include unpacking upon arrival, two-man service, and you can ask them to place the furniture in the room of your choice.

Reasons To Choose Crate And Barrel

Professional Packing: Crate and Barrel considers the size, value and fragility of your furniture. They are packed with good packing materials and follow efficient packing methods for faster delivery. With the use of boxes, bubble-wrap, styrofoam, packing crates and in some cases, packing peanuts, Crate and Barrel ensure better durability and resilience to bumps and sharp turns. They are packed strategically for easier handling and commuting.

Reliable Customer Service: They will solve your doubts and go an extra mile in aiding you to select the best for your home. Based on the reviews on Consumer Affairs, the service staff are kind and deal with difficulties patiently. If there are any delays, the customer is immediately notified. Otherwise, deliveries are monitored and seen to arrive on schedule. With this, you are certain that your furniture is in safe hands.


Depending on the location, prices are subject to change. The standard delivery fee varies on the merchandise total. For example if your merchandise total is between $145 to $220, the standard delivery fee when delivered within 3 to 5 business days is $21. If you need your furniture to be delivered quicker, premium delivery will cost $34 and express will be $46. However, if your merchandise total is $220 and above, your standard delivery fee will be 10% of the merchandise total. For premium, it will be an added $12 and for express, an added $24.

Local in-home delivery fees are dependent on each shipping point. For furniture items under $799 and upto 75 miles of a shipping point, the charge will be $79. If it is over 100 miles, the charge will be $299. Similarly, unlimited furniture items within 75 miles of the shipping radius will be $149, 76 to100 miles will cost $159 and over 100 miles will be $299.

Crate and Barrel charges a flat fee of $299 per trip for long in-home deliveries above 100 miles within the US.


  • Consumer Affairs – 3.8/5
  • Site Jabber – 4/5
  • Slumber Search – 4/5

3. Circle Furniture

Circle Furniture logo

Being in the business for approximately 70 years, Circle Furniture has its humble beginnings from Putnam Square and extended to 6 locations across Massachusetts: Acton, Boston, Cambridge, Framingham, Middleton, and Pembroke. This family-owned company provides quality furniture with a wide selection. If you are uncertain of what you need, their team of designers will help in choosing what’s right for your home.

Circle Furniture has a quality network of in-home white glove delivery services. Instead of dropping an unassembled piece at your doorstep like some companies, they will unbox it, assemble it, and clean out the place before leaving. All this is done within the standard delivery fee.

Reasons To Choose Circle Furniture

Sustainability: Circle Furniture takes the environment seriously. From the furniture to their packing materials, everything is eco-friendly. Business with other manufacturers proceed only if they share this similar vision. Produced in New England, the craftspeople provide finesse which adds to Circle Furniture’s value and authenticity. They are also one of the founding members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council; a non-profit organization that ensures sustainable practices among retailers and manufacturers.

Sanitization: The white glove delivery team follows strict Covid-19 guidelines. So you can be sure of them wearing masks and gloves at the time of delivery. The boxes are sanitized with disinfectant wipes to kill bacteria before bringing them into your home. After that, they dispose of the old pair of gloves and wear new ones before giving your order. Signing of papers and answering of queries is done within a 6-foot distance by the team.


For in-home local white glove deliveries, Circle Furniture charges $139 per trip. Long distance delivery prices vary from location-to-location. A standard long-distance delivery fee is 14% extra added to the total sale.


  • Yelp – 4/5
  • Angi – 3/5

4. Lulu And Georgia

Lulu and Georgia logo

Based in Los Angeles, Lulu And Georgia offers premium quality furniture and home decor. From furniture to flatware, you have a variety of options to choose from. Their website speaks volumes about the interior designers, who are on board with the latest trends in interior designing. Lulu and Georgia is preferable if you are looking for furniture on the higher end.

White glove delivery is available for all light wood furniture. Each item is inspected and checked for any defects before shipping. They bring the furniture to the room of your choice, unpack and set up.

Reasons To Choose Lulu And Georgia

Wide Range Of Furniture: You will have a better choice with Lulu And Georgia. Their brand consists of fabric furniture, light wood furniture, cane furniture, beds, nightstands and sofas. Also, wall art and lighting are other services they provide. With such an arsenal, you have a broader idea of what your home will need. And if too much choice confuses you, call out to one of their designers. With their experience, they will tailor the best solution for your home and will dispose of any sort of confusion that clouds your mind.

Communication Competence: Whether it is email or phone communication, Lulu and Georgia have skilled customer service staff. You don’t have to believe us. Their customer reviews vouch for just that. So do not worry about where your furniture is, through text or phone, the drivers will notify in which stage your package is in, or will revert back if there is any complication in the delivery process. If you are unhappy with your order, they offer a complementary return label when availed within 14-days of your order.


Furniture is transported by freight carriers. So, processing and delivery times may take longer than usual. After receiving a confirmation message from the company, their shipping rates depend on the amount of furniture purchased. For instance, the shipping rate for a Hannah cabinet will be 10% of the merchandise total and $149 for white glove delivery. Orders between $ to 145 will be $19.95


  • Trustpilot – 3/5
  • Site Jabber – 5/5

5. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn logo

If you are thinking of upscaling, then add Pottery Barn to your list of furniture companies. Based in San Francisco, Pottery Barn has been in the business for over 70 years, widening its reach to Canada, Mexico and Australia. Their catalogue consists of a wide range of leather furniture, chairs, sleeper sofas and coffee tables. If you browse their website, you will find chic nightstands and dressers to adorn your room.

Furniture and other items that exceed parcel carrier shipping weight limits are shipped by trucks. This includes their premium white glove service for a flat rate fee.

Reasons To Choose Pottery Barn

Higher Quality Furniture: With expert craftsmanship and quality source materials, Pottery Barn furniture is built to last. Customers have reviewed their products to be a one-time investment as well. Furniture prices are a bit expensive because of good labor. Such a company needs skilled workers and Pottery Barn invests in the best labor for efficient service. The company is also said to be among the top 10 global leaders in responsibly sourced wood by Sustainable Furnishings Council 2018-2020.

Kids’ Furniture: Searching for kids’ furniture is not easy due to lack of retailers. Many parents state that they found quality, durable furniture for their child with grave difficulty. However, Pottery Barn fills that void. From cribs to bunks-beds, Pottery Barn caters to every stage of development your child is in. A Pottery Barn crib is good if you have two or more children. Also, children tend to be rough on furniture, so if you are looking for something durable and resilient, Pottery Barn will be the right choice.


Shipping rates differ from location-to location. For items above $3000, 5% of the merchandise total is included as the standard delivery fee. If you prefer next day shipping, then $26 is added to the standard fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I choose white glove delivery

Furniture is heavy and fragile. You will need more than one person to carry and professionally install it in your room. On top of that, someone will have to unpack and clear whatever trash remains. A white glove delivery service will do all of that. By paying a small extra fee, you will spare the trouble of searching for labor and transport. Knowing that your furniture will arrive in one piece, this adds a sense of security and reliability.

What is included in white glove service?

A white glove delivery service will typically bring the furniture to your home, unpack and set up in the room of your choice. Most companies do clean up any excess waste from unpacking, but it is better to ask them of the same beforehand. Assembling and demonstrating the product are some added features to a white glove delivery service.

Do you tip white glove service?

You may do it as an act of goodwill, but most services do not expect to be tipped. They are more centered around catering to the customers needs rather than earning additional income.

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