Moving can be tedious. You have to decide between different movers, compare rates and narrow down what is best for you. Especially, if you are struggling with the type of boxes suited best for the job. Cardboard and plastic boxes have their pros and cons. Cardboard boxes are affordable and widely available whereas plastic boxes save time if you need to repack something. If you are thinking about shelf life, choose plastic boxes.

Selecting the right company is vital and so, we will give you a list of the 5 best companies we have come across in our research. This article will aid in determining the best option for your next move.

 Company    NameU- Haul Ready-To-Go BoxLend A BoxRedi-BoxBin-itLeafy Moving Boxes
LogoU-Haul logoLend A Box logoRedi-Box logoBin-it logoLeafy Moving Boxes logo
DimensionsStandard size:
20\”W x 24\”L x 12\”H
Standard size:
  27″x17″x12″   Small Size: 2.4 cubic feet   Larger Size: 28″20″x15″
27” x 17” x 12.5”Two Sizes:   27″L x 17″W x 12″H   24.5″L x 20.6″W x 48″HStandard size: 27L x 17W x 12H
ProsBoxes are firmly sealed  
Excellent customer service
Easy to order     Good pricingPickup after you are done unpacking
  Good quality clean bins
Smooth delivery and pickup
  Durable and spacious bins
Easy to stack, more space to fit things in the dolly
  Eco-friendly and cost-efficient
ConsBoxes are subject to availabilityThey move only in limited partsLimited box sizes   Only available Chicago and PortlandDecent customer service 
Contact1-800-468-4285703-832-8390224-366-7334888-552-4648    310-853-2422

Top 5 Trusted Classic Plastic Moving Box Companies in the U.S.

  1. U-Haul Ready-To-Go Box
  2. Lend A Box
  3. Redi-Box
  4. Bin- It
  5. Leafy Moving Boxes

1. U-Haul Ready-To-Go Box

U-Haul logo

U-Haul, being a well-established moving company, relies on professional work ethics. Their excellent customer service makes them among the big leagues. In a world of adulteration, U-Haul provides eco-friendly solutions to move your things around and offers a multitude of services that suit the customer’s needs in many areas. Best for residential and business, U-Haul’s keep-as-long-as-you-need policy ensures customers have ample time to unpack, restack and return the boxes.

Reasons To Choose U-Haul Ready-To-Go Box

Quality Of Boxes: U-Haul’s sturdy build is due to the heavy-duty plastic used in the construction of the boxes. This is credited to the recycled plastic used that saves U-Haul from using additional material, thus contributing to conserving the planet’s resources. And if their boxes suffer any damage, they simply recycle them to build more. Customers will have guaranteed safety and protection of their belongings, come what may.

Size Of Boxes: Even with the standard size, they are large enough to store your belongings and fit perfectly through your doorways, thus enabling an easier and comfortable commute. These boxes are ideally used for packing towels, shoes, kitchen and bathroom appliances, photos, books, electronics, and delicates. Being water resistant and durable, these boxes are the staple for the future as put by Dain Howell, Ready-To-Go Box program manager.

Faster Packing: Boxes come preassembled, so say goodbye to box-cutters and packing tape. This saves time and you can fully concentrate on packing or unpacking. Also, the sides of the boxes fold down easily. This facilitates easier stackability, leaving more storage space in the van. Dain Howell says that plastic boxes are the much preferred mode of storage. According to the statistics, Howell, “Most of our Ready-To-Go Box customers consider our plastic rental boxes to be the most convenient way to pack. Customers can keep the boxes for as long as they need and simply return them when they are finished with their move. It is now possible to move and create zero waste.”


Rates vary from location to location, but U-Haul charges a standard rate of $1.50 per box for one week and $1 per box for every additional week. So for 10 boxes, you will pay $15 for one week.


Consumer Affairs – 4/5

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2. Lend A Box

Lend A Box logo

Lend A Box has a friendly and warm vibe to its services. They will listen to all your needs and will solve numerous doubts and queries that you have without getting frustrated. Booking is no hassle. You can either give them a call or use their user-friendly website to maneuver their different prices. Lend A Box caters to school, residential and business moves. With their flexible delivery process, you can request the boxes to be delivered to your doorstep, or you can either pick them up from one of their warehouses. You can either return the boxes or buy them for $30 each.

Reasons To Choose Lend A Box

Order Simplicity: ‘Moving Logistics Made Simple,’ is their motto. Ordering is stress-free online or over the phone. All necessary details are confirmed via a confirmation email and they will call you a day before your move. Lend A Box will chalk out the perfect plan adjusted to your needs, so there is no miscommunication in the process. Also, the layout of their web page is user friendly and not cluttered. You can get to booking or browsing in no time.

Efficiency: Lend A Box values time. They have one-hour delivery windows as opposed to other companies that offer two or more hours. With such pace, you could plan probably two or more moves. Also, if you need to resume work immediately, everything will be done in an hour’s time. So if speed is what you are looking for, then Lend A Box is the right service.

Clean Boxes: Apart from providing good quality boxes, Lend A Box cleans their boxes every time they are sent to the warehouse. They also inspect and remove the labels from the boxes before sending them out again. Also, with Covid-19 being around, they wipe the boxes with disinfectant wipes before delivering them to your doorstep. And the team maintains a strict 6-foot distance from the customers. Hence you can be certain about your safety and of those around you.


Lend A Box’s different prices are based on the type of apartment you are moving into. For a single bedroom apartment, they charge $50 for one week, $75 for 2 weeks, $100 for 3 weeks, and $120 for 4 weeks.

For a two-bedroom apartment, the cost for one week will be $70, 2 weeks will be $105, 3 weeks will be $140 and 4 weeks will be $175.

Renting their plastic boxes for a 3 bedroom apartment will be $100 for 1 week, $150 for 2 weeks, $200 for 3 weeks, and $250 for 4 weeks.

If you are moving in with your family, renting their boxes for a 4 bedroom apartment will cost $140 for 1 week, $210 for 2 weeks, $280 for 3 weeks, and $350 for 4 weeks.


Yelp – 5/5

3. Redi-Box

Redi-Box logo

This Chicago-based company does not charge any delivery fee within their proximity. They do not have a storefront unlike other moving companies and prefer delivering the boxes right to your doorstep as it helps in reducing costs. So now you do not have to stress about picking up the boxes from the store. Best known for commercial and residential moves, Redi-Box is the highest recommended company in Chicago for their customer service and their easy-carry box build. Also, their plastic boxes are long-lasting, durable, and can be reused up to 400 times before change. You can also buy their boxes for $25 apiece and $75 for Redi-Wheels.

Reasons To Choose Redi-Box

Size Efficiency: Their standard size box holds 35% more than cardboard boxes. Along with that, they come with built-in handles for carrying efficiency and attached lids for easy stackability. Their solid design is crush-proof and waterproof as well. With this you can save time and have a faster move. Each box is provided with name tags whichever size you take. This way, you are all the more organized and settled. Once you reach your destination, peel off the tags and stack the boxes in your preferred room.

Free Delivery And Pickup: There are no hidden costs and minimum purchase price for free delivery. Redi-Box caters to more than 200 suburbs in Chicago and all the suburbs in Portland. Once you finish unpacking, the delivery team will come a few days early and collect your boxes. So do not worry about where you are going to keep the boxes if you are lacking space in your apartment. Customers applaud their prompt customer service. That is why they are among the best in the business. Also, the quality boxes enable the delivery team to move faster and efficiently than other delivery services.

Versatile Accessories: Redi-Box has a wide range of accessories that aid in making your move easier. They offer zip ties, packing paper and mattress covers all for an affordable price. You can also get wardrobe boxes for $14 with Redi-Box.What’s great is that these boxes save a grave amount of time as you can pack your clothes without removing the hangers. These boxes measure 24″L x 28.5″W x 38″H with an included rod for the hangers. Also, if you have multiple plastic boxes and seek a more convenient way to move, you can get their hand trucks for $9.


Redi-Box has different packages to suit every customer’s needs. Also, they throw in a couple of free accessories as well. To rent 20 boxes for a studio apartment, Redi-Box charges $99 for 2 weeks, after which it will cost $15 per extra week.

For a one-bedroom home, the company offers 30 boxes for $149 for 2 weeks. If you wish to extend the period, it will cost you $20 per extra week.

Their most popular package, 2-3 bedrooms, has 45 boxes for $199 for 2 weeks. A charge of $25 per extra week is issued after the tenure.

If you are moving in with your family, choose the 4+ bedroom package that has 60 boxes for $249 for 2 weeks. If you need more time to unpack, Redi-Box charges $30 per extra week.

In case you have an even bigger requirement, Redi-Box has larger moving box packages as well.


Yelp – 5/5

Birdeye – 4.4/5

4. Bin-It

Bin-it logo

Bin-It, by far, has one of the best user-friendly websites for a moving company. You can find all the necessary details with just a scan. Their boxes are 25% cheaper than cardboard boxes, thus reducing the carbon footprint. They also provide real-time notifications to keep you updated about your delivery or pickup. A standard sized bin can fit:






However, Bin-It is only available in Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Nashville, and New York City.

Reasons To Choose Bin-It

Better Sanitization: Bin-it takes apt Covid-19 measures for their bins. They sanitize each bin after every use to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the customer. The delivery team wears masks and gloves while delivering the boxes to your front door. Also, all transactions are cashless and done keeping a 6-foot distance between you and them. This way, you can ensure complete protection from bacteria and Covid-19 while making your move.

Moving Supplies: Bin-It pampers their customers with free zip ties and labels. This calls for better organization and less time spent on packing. If you need added security to your items, Bin-It supplies TV boxes, sofa & mattress covers, bubble wrapping, wardrobe boxes, and packing paper. With such a choice, you can have guaranteed safety and protection from road bumps or accidents.

Efficient Moving Process: The bins are easily stackable and all have the same size, which makes loading comfortable and faster. Through their live truck tracking system, the delivery team will give you an ETA, and notify if there are any hiccups in transit. Plus, there is no extra fee for orders made under 24 hours of notice. But, if you feel that you need to make a cancellation due to unavoidable circumstances, Bin-It will refund the full amount if a complaint is registered within 24 hours notice. If it is under 24 hours, a cancellation fee of $25 will be charged.


Bin-It’s rates vary from city to city. For two weeks, their packages start at $60 for 20 bins in Nashville whereas prices are $109 for 20 bins in New York City.


Google Rating: 5/5

Yelp (New York City): 4.5/5

5. Leafy Moving Boxes

Leafy Moving Boxes logo

Leafy moving boxes provide grade usable moving boxes that are eco-friendly, cheaper, and easier to pack than cardboard boxes. They have some of the best competitive rates in the market, causing you to save an amount of money in your wallet. Leafy moving boxes cover Los Angeles and provide free delivery to West Los Angeles, Downtown Los Angeles, and South Bay. They want ‘to replace the cardboard’ and reduce stress in your move.

Reasons To Choose Leafy Moving Boxes

Timed Deliveries: Leafy Moving Boxes ensure proper communication between the driver and customer. Through text, they give an ETA to the customer. When and if anything happens to delivery or the driver, the customer is always updated beforehand. Their live tracking system enables the customer to be fully aware of their boxes, which gives a sense of satisfaction and relief.

Friendly Customer Service: There is nothing better than friendly customer service that will solve doubts better than creating more. They will make sure you are choosing the right plan for your move. The reviews left on Yelp spoke highly of their customer service and even suggested Leafy Moving Boxes to their friends and colleagues. The delivery team observes all the necessary Covid-19 procedures and precautions. A 6-foot distance is maintained by the drivers throughout delivery and pickup. Signing of any confirmations are done through emails, so there is no contact between you and the service staff.

Clean Boxes: Leafy Moving Boxes use SimpleGreen, an eco-friendly solution, with every box. So, no more cardboard boxes that lie around or collect dust in your house. These boxes go through pressure wash cleaning every month for cleaning stubborn muck. And once you have finished unpacking, they will come and take them away. Also, after every use, the boxes are quarantined for at least 4 days and science states that the virus dies within 3 days on plastic surfaces.


Leafy Moving Boxes prices are as follows:

  • For a studio apartment, they charge $109/1 Week Rental for 20 boxes and $55 per additional week.
  • For a one-bedroom apartment, they charge a $139/1 Week Rental for 35 boxes and $75 per additional week.
  • For a two-bedroom apartment, they charge a $169/1 Week Rental for 50 boxes and $85 per additional week.
  • For a three-bedroom apartment, they charge a $249/1 Week Rental for 75 boxes and $125 per additional week.
  • For a four-bedroom apartment, they charge $319/1 Week Rental for 100 boxes and $160 per additional week.
  • For a five-bedroom apartment, they charge a $389/1 Week Rental for 125 boxes and $195 per additional week.


Yelp – 5/5

Frequently Answered Questions

Why not cardboard boxes?

Cardboard boxes do not give the security and protection of plastic bins. They are highly susceptible to dirt and bacteria and just involve a lot of work. Plus, cardboard boxes can get affected by moisture and result in your belongings being damaged, no matter how good quality or sturdy the box.

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Are the plastic boxes clean?

The short answer is yes. Moving companies sanitize each and every plastic box when returned. Make sure you set cleanliness as the benchmark while searching for a good plastic moving box company.

Are plastic moving boxes worth it?

The benefits of using moving boxes are clear: they’re cheaper, lighter, and more portable. But if you need them to last longer than just the day, plastic boxes will always be a better option for protecting against pests like ants or termites.

How do you use a plastic moving container?

To ensure your items stay safe and sound in transit, we recommend filling them with packing paper and Bubble Wrap®. Use tape along the sides so that lids don’t come off when loading or unloading from cars – just be careful not to stack heavy things on top of bins!

Can you store clothes in plastic boxes?

Plastic boxes are the way to go if you’re looking for a place that will keep your clothes safe and sound. They’re waterproof, pest-proof, thanks in part for being airtight!

Can I ship plastic totes?

Totes are great for carrying around all your belongings, but they might not make the best shipping container. Shipping cartons should be durable enough to withstand rigorous conditions.

Are plastic totes good for storage?

Plastic bins are the best way to store your items! They’re durable, reusable, and waterproof. Not only that, but they can stack on top of one another for easy storage when not in use.