Whether you should be hiring professional movers for your move, or should go the DIY way, is a common debate faced by many people who are looking to move on a budget. While professional movers can definitely lift the stress off your shoulders, you may be able to save a few additional bucks and get that flexibility with a DIY move.

Here’s when moving labor companies can help you with a solution. You could just hire some extra hands to help you efficiently plan and execute your move. While there are quite a few moving labor companies present, Dolly Moving is steadily making a place for itself in the market.

If you’re amongst those considering the services of Dolly, here’s all the information that could help you make an informed choice. From the type of services, to their cost and pricing, we’ve got everything covered for you. Let’s dive straight in!

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What Services Are Offered By Dolly Moving?

With a mission to create freedom of time, choice and freedom from worry, Dolly Moving is a relatively new name in the industry, but is already trying to facilitate the best services for its customers. The company is headquartered in Seattle, and is planning to expand its services to reach many other US cities, apart from the ones it is already functioning in. Let us now have a closer look at the variety of services that Dolly provides.

Moving Services: Majorly focusing on local moving, Dolly caters to different types of moves within the city. These include:

1. Apartment Moves: Whether it’s a studio apartment, or a two bedroom house, Dolly Moving can provide you services to efficiently move all your stuff from one location to the other. From heavy lifting to fragile moving, Dolly Helpers will ensure that they handle all your items efficiently and with care.

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2. Small Moves: Sometimes you may not be planning to move your entire house, but are only looking for some help to move certain items or rearrange the furniture. Get in touch with Dolly Helpers and they’ll easily assist you with everything that needs to be moved.

3. Labor Only Moves: One of the main tasks of a DIY move is the loading and unloading process. That’s surely a time when having a few extra pairs of hands to help is something that everybody wishes for. Dolly Moving wants to step in here and provide you with all the moving labor that you need. From loading to the moving, you can get the assistance that you need.

4. Small Business Moves: Dolly Moving also caters to small businesses that are planning to move their base, or are only looking for some help to rearrange the items and furniture in their office.

5. Junk Removal: Have you just cleared up your backyard or garage and have a pile of junk that needs to be disposed of now? For this service as well, you can get in touch with Dolly and they’ll send their Helpers to haul away all the junk that you need to dispose of. This could either be the trash that you need to throw away or even the common disposable items that you need to remove. We suggest that you check their official website once or get in touch with a Dolly representative to check the items that they accept as junk and are ready to dispose of for you.

6. Storage Moves: While many people get a truck rental for loading and unloading their storage unit, Dolly offers to get that task done in a single trip as far as possible. You may end up saving quite some time that you could then use elsewhere.

7. Donation Pick-up and Drop Off: When you’ve done a thorough clean-up of your house, or are planning to move with just some limited stuff, you may have a lot of items that could be donated, but may not be able to schedule a time for that, right? Here’s when Dolly Helpers can step in again and tick that task off your list. You can tell them the location at which the donation needs to be dropped off and they will get it done for you.

8. Online Marketplace & Retail Store Delivery: Along with picking up your stuff from many big retail outlets and getting it delivered to your doorstep, Dolly Moving also offers to move or deliver the items that you find on online marketplaces like Craigslist and Facebook.

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Dolly Moving: How Does It Work?

Booking a service with Dolly is an easy to understand and follow process for many. You could either do so through their official website, or use the Dolly app available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. There are just 3 simple steps for you to follow and you can get your Dolly service booking done in no time. All you need to do is:

1. Enter all the relevant details: Just fill in all the details about the service you need, at the time you need, the location and the number of helpers you need. You will mostly be generated a quote at this point.

2. Connect with the Helpers: Once you’ve given them the details of the service you need, your Helpers will be scheduled accordingly. If you’re using the app, you can easily connect with your Helpers, chat with them and even keep a track of your items with Dolly.

3. Tip and review: Once your service (or your Dolly, as they refer to) is complete, you can tip and review your Helpers through the app. You will mostly be receiving your receipt after this step or after 24 hours of your Helper marking the service as complete.

Apart from these common steps, you may have to fill in additional information about your inventory or the coverage plans that you need, based on the service that you’re opting for.

Dolly Moving Costs And Pricing

Irrespective of the task at hand, aren’t we all always looking to save a few bucks here and there? And if that’s the case, Dolly Moving knows exactly how to attract its customers with competitive prices. Yes, along with offering some of the highly competitive prices, Dolly Moving is also amongst the most affordable moving labor companies for small apartment moves and retail delivery.

You have an option of either hiring the Dolly Helpers by the hour or by every job per se as well. Do keep in mind, that your total cost may also be affected by the choice you make between these two. On an average, a small apartment move with Dolly would cost between $400 – $450. This would include two workers for around 4 hours.

Similarly, retail delivery with Dolly, would be priced somewhere around $300 for two workers for four hours.
Overall, you may find these prices offered by Dolly to be way more affordable than many of its competitors. However, do keep in mind that these figures are just a rough estimate to give you the pricing idea. The total cost for your service would actually be dependent on a few different factors like:

1. Number of Helpers hired: More the number of Helpers you need for your service, the higher would be your quote.
2. Distance of your service: Whether you’re moving with Dolly or are using their retail delivery services, the cost of your quote would also depend on the distance that you travel.
3. Number of items: Along with the number of items you move, the type and size of your items would also determine your total cost.
4. Service type: You have an option of either getting your items dropped off outside or at the curb, or you could even get them moved right inside your house. Depending on the service you choose, your final cost would be calculated accordingly.

Now, these would be some of the main factors determining your cost with Dolly. But apart from these, Dolly also offers some discounts on a few of their services. Additionally, whether you book your service through their app or website, could also make some difference to your total cost. Some reviews have suggested that you may get a little discount when using the Dolly app.

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Reasons To Choose Dolly Moving

Highly Competitive Prices: Mainly as a moving labor company, Dolly Moving offers some of the most affordable rates in the industry. Whether you need assistance with your apartment move or need some delivery taken care of, most of the services offered by Dolly have competitive prices to help you get the service in your budget.

Retail Delivery: Probably one of their best services, Dolly takes pride in offering retail delivery services. From Big Lots, Costco Wholesale, Crate and Barrel to Lowe’s, Dolly has partnered with all these biggies in the retail industry to provide efficient services. So, even if you’re only looking for some labor or need help to pick up stuff from these retail outlets, Dolly Moving will be glad to assist you with their services.

Same Day Delivery Services: If you need to get something from Big Lots or Costco Wholesale delivered to you at the last minute, Dolly Moving would be willing to get that task done off your list. Yes, Dolly Moving understands the last minute plans that could suddenly crop up and hence offers same day delivery services to all individuals and businesses alike. What makes this even better is the fact that you can easily avail the Dolly services for all 365 days of the year.

Item Assembly: While some companies offer item assembling as a separate service, at Dolly Moving, you would find basic item assembly included in your quotes. For instance, services like breaking down and then reassembling a simple table piece or bed frame would be included in your package. So, you need not shell out extra bucks for that. However, do keep in mind that other complex assembling and disassembling would be charged separately by Dolly as well. It is best that you clarify with their representative, if the furniture assembling that you need would be included in your quote or not.

Easy Quote Generator: Your research for a company does genuinely become a little easier if their quote generating process is quick and efficient. Keeping this in mind, Dolly Moving has an easy quote generator, both on their website as well as their app. You can decide if Dolly Moving fits in your budget and is convenient for you, after you easily get your quote from them.

Coverage Options: Dolly offers a basic pack of $300 as damage coverage with every job of its Helpers. This covers almost everything from scratches to breakages, and ensures protection of all your items. You can also extend and purchase additional coverage to up to $10,000. This is available at a cost of $1 for every additional $100 of coverage, over and above your quote. However, to avail these coverage options, Dolly has a few steps in place. For instance, the Dolly Helper you hire would be for a few items, instead of hiring by the hour. And you would also have to include a complete inventory of all the items Dolly is moving for you. You can get further information on the coverage plans offered by Dolly from their representative.

Contactless Delivery: All companies have had to change and adapt themselves in these unprecedented times of COVID-19. Dolly Moving too is trying to take adequate measures to ensure the safety of their staff as well as their customers. For the same reason, they are now offering contactless delivery services, wherein their Helpers will pick-up or drop off your stuff outside your house. They will still be following all the safety protocols while working on the contactless delivery service.

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Things To Keep In Mind Before Choosing Dolly Moving

Limited Availability: Reasonable prices surely attract you to Dolly Moving services, but a drawback to this could be their availability at your location. Currently, Dolly Moving has only 36 locations across the United States. But on the brighter side, Dolly is looking to expand to other locations as well and is already working in that direction with around 6 more of its outlets opening soon in different cities.

Detailed Inventory Needed: To get your quote from Dolly, you will probably have to give a detailed list of your inventory and all the relevant information with it. For instance, along with a list of your items, Dolly may also want you to fill additional details like the item’s weight and dimensions, for getting a quote for some of their services.

Tricky App Features: While Dolly does give you an option of either accessing their services through their app or website, some people may find it a little tricky to follow the features on the app. You may get a little confused while navigating through some of their features on the website as well. But overall, many people have given positive ratings to the Dolly App which has an above 4 rating from both Google and Apple app Store.

No Long Distance Moves: Currently, Dolly is not assisting any cross-country or long distance moves. However, they are offering moving services in some cities that are close to each other. You could check a list of these places on their website.

What If You Cancel Your Service With Dolly?

You will not be charged any cancellation fee when you cancel your service with Dolly, provided that you do so more than 24 hours to your scheduled date. If you happen to cancel your Dolly service after a Helper has been scheduled and there are less than 24 hours remaining to your service time, then you would be charged a 20% cancellation fee by Dolly Moving.

Also, keep in mind that a 50% cancellation fee is charged by Dolly Moving when your service event has started, and/or your Helper has arrived at the location, but is not able to complete the task due to cancellation, rescheduling or any other reason beyond their control. You could get in touch with a Dolly representative, to get further details on their cancellation policy.

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Dolly Moving Contact Details

Phone: 312 – 625 – 5355

Email: support@dolly.com

Address: 9 W Washington St Chicago, IL 60602

Website: https://dolly.com/

Working Hours: Monday – Sunday (8 am – 10 pm)

How Much Do You Tip A Dolly Mover?

Tipping a mover is usually at the discretion of the customer, but Dolly Moving does encourage its customers to tip their movers. We suggest you could give around $25 – $30 as tip to each of your Dolly Helper(s).

Can You Tip On Dolly App?

Yes, you can tip your Helpers on the Dolly App. Once your service is complete, the app itself would prompt you to tip and review your Helpers. You could either tip them through the app, or you could also tip them by cash or through Dolly’s website.

How Do You Know If A Mover Is Reliable?

Choosing a reliable moving company or mover, could be a tricky job to quite some extent. While we do always recommend going through the reviews of the company, you should still check their license, insurance and accreditation. Along with these, there are also a few red flags that you need to look out for. These could range from a hefty cash deposit to extremely low or high service prices.

Additionally, you should try and get quotes from at least 3 – 4 different companies, so that you can compare and understand what’s best for you. All in all, if your mover displays professionalism in its records and does not show any red flags, then most likely, it is a reliable source that you can trust.

Is Dolly a good app?

Dolly is a great place to find delivery services from retail stores like Costco, Lowe’s, and Big Lots. They offer especially good value on their deliveries!

Is Dolly guaranteed?

When it comes to delivering your goods, no one can match Dolly’s guarantee! They have a service that will deliver the product at an affordable price and on time.

Where does Dolly operate?

Dolly Moving offers services in Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Orange County, Philadelphia, Denver, Chicago, San Diego, Boston, and Washington D.C.

Who owns Dolly app?

Dolly is an app that sets prices for jobs based on an algorithm. The founders, Howell and his crew from Chicago, launched the company in 2013 with initial job costs ranging between $50-85 dollars!

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If you’re planning a local move, or want any help in getting retail items delivered at your doorstep, then you could definitely consider Dolly Moving as one of your affordable options. Along with offering a good variety of moving services, the marketplace is a growing name in the retail delivery industry.

However, Dolly Moving as of now is only catering to around 36 cities in the country. So, you may not be able to find them as easily as some other nationwide servicing companies. But, if Dolly Moving is available at your location, then you would want to check out their highly competitive prices which could even help you save a few bucks!

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