Black Tie Moving
  • BBB accredited A+ rating
  • No hidden charges
Hercules Movers
  • Senior moving
  • Transparent Pricing
Leaders Moving & Storage Co.
  • Hourly pricing
  • Packing services
Blue Men Moving
  • Custom Crating Services
  • Full-Service Moves
Gr8 Labor
  • Insured, licensed, and Bonded
  • Labor-only Moves Available

Named after the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, Columbus, Ohio is the state capital and the most populous city of the U.S state of Ohio.

Historically rich and naturally blessed, Columbus is certainly a popular city when it comes to education, culture, architecture, and the moving business!

Whether you’re moving to Columbus or away from it, know that getting help is a very good option and will certainly make your moving journey easier.

We advise you to sort out the areas you think you’ll want to handle yourself and those that seem difficult on your own.

Be it a local or long-distance move, you might require a wide range of moving services.

We are here to give you a list of some of the best moving companies in Columbus, Ohio so you can make an informed decision and get the help you deserve.

Best Moving Companies In Columbus, Ohio

Moving CompanyBlack Tie Moving Hercules Movers Leaders Moving & Storage Co. Blue Men MovingGr8 Labor
LogoBlack Tie MovingHercules MoversLeaders Moving & Storage Co. logoBlue Men Moving LLCGR8 Labor logo
DoT Number3608524 2548354 24622901237577 3336685
MC Number1228281NA 863664 518295 606181
ProsBBB accredited A+ rating
No hidden charges
Final mile delivery services.
Heavy items moving
Senior moving
Transparent moving
Packing services
Individually locked storage units
Hourly pricing
Professional mover Coordinators
Custom crating services
Full-service oves
Labor-only moving
Insured, licensed, and bonded
Transportation services
ConsUnsatisfactory customer service

The movers were slow at times during the move
The move was canceled without prior notice in some casesMovers were careless with certain items leading to minor damageMovers provided unreliable informationNA
Phone614-363-2434614-412-1949 330-241-7572800-481-6843614-618-3044

5 Top Rated Moving Companies In Columbus, OH

  1. Black Tie Moving
  2. Hercules Moving
  3. Blue Men Moving
  4. Leaders Moving & Storage Co.
  5. Gr8 Labor

Long Distance Movers | Last-Minute Movers

1. Black Tie Moving

Black Tie Moving

Black Tie Moving offers luxury moving and packing services to people in Columbus, Ohio, and other neighboring areas.

Accredited A+ by BBB with a very promising rating on Google and various other platforms, Black Tie Moving can be your one-stop destination for all your moving and storage-related needs.

Their movers are professional, trained, and can handle any kind of move requirement you have. They offer customized upfront local quotes to suit your moving needs.

In addition to that, they also have packing supplies and storage services in case you want a safe and secured space to store your belongings in while your new place gets ready.

You can get in touch with them and their amazing customer service will be happy to assist you.

Reasons Why We Chose Black Tie Moving

Flexible Storage Terms : Finding storage services with proper security and at a reasonable rate can be tedious but you can be fully assured with Black Tie Moving.

They have partnered with many storage companies to provide you with safe, secure, and affordable storage services where your belongings will be treated right.

With their flexible storage terms, be it a long-term or short-term need, you can rest easy. Once your new place is ready, their efficient and trained movers will deliver them directly at your doorstep, saving you from unnecessary trips.

You can simply avail of this service by filling out your details in the form provided on their website.

Junk Removal : Moving is a long process because it’s not only the time when you’re finally starting a new chapter but also where you are leaving all your baggage behind – metaphorically and literally.

No moving company can help you with the emotional junk but Black Tie Moving can definitely help you with removing the junk sitting in your house.

Their junk removal services will help you get rid of the unnecessary clutter and also provide you with more space to start fresh in your new house.

Let the professionals deal with unwanted items while you make plans for your new space with the things you love and will be taking along with you.

Ratings And Reviews

Google Reviews – 4.5/5
Yelp – 2/5

Company Information

Address: 6595 Dublin Center Dr, Dublin, OH 43017
Phone: 614-363-2434
Working Hours: Monday – Sunday 7.30 am – 7.30 pm

2. Hercules Moving

Hercules Movers

Established in the year 2012 with the name inspired by the Roman divine hero of strength Hercules,

Hercules Moving has a team of movers that has years of experience and Herculean strength when it comes to fulfilling your moving needs.

Though the company started in 2012, the movers have industry experience dating back from 2004 and have handled many successful moves locally and even long-distance.

Their website is an extremely user-friendly one. So even if you feel confused, their clear distinction of services will help you get some clarity and will definitely provide you the help you need.

Their services include complete local moving services for residential and commercial moves, junk removal services, and even senior moving services.

Reasons Why We Chose Hercules Moving

Student Moving Services : If you are a student and taking the leap of finally moving out of your house for your high school or college, you already have a lot on your plate, and adding the stress of moving by yourself will certainly not be a good idea.

You might want to spend this time with your parents or friends and not worry about packing and moving your stuff and Hercules Moving understands that.

You can get their student moving service where their professional movers will handle your move entirely at an affordable rate while you can relax and enjoy.

Senior Moving Services : If you are a senior needing help to move to an assisted living facility or you finally got the retirement you worked so hard for and want to move to your dream house, you can rely on the trusted senior moving services by Hercules Moving.

They understand that senior moving requires lots of extra care, attention, and empathy and their trained movers have all that along with the strength required to move any items you need help with.

Their senior moving services will be there to help you make your move easy without putting any emotional or physical burden on you.

Ratings And Reviews

Google Reviews – 4.4/5
Yelp – 3/5

Company Information

Address: 1509 Blatt Blvd, Columbus, Ohio, 43230
Phone: 614-412-1949
Working Hours: Monday – Saturday 8:00 am – 9:00 pm | Sunday 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

3. Blue Men Moving

Started in the year 2011 with an aim to serve customers at a fair price and on old trucks, Blue Men Moving company has come a long way.

Not only has the company grown tremendously in the industry but has also gained a trusted reputation among its customers.

Though the company has grown, its values and customer service have remained the same and have only evolved positively.

They provide competitive pricing and honest estimates with the vision to become the best and most reliable moving company in and around the areas of Columbus, Ohio.

Their trained, insured, and experienced movers are not only efficient but also punctual so you can be completely assured of your time and money.

Along with local moving and packing services, they also offer you long-distance moving services at fair prices. You can get in touch with them by either calling them directly or applying for a quote on their website.

Reasons Why We Chose Blue Men Moving

Single-Load Moving Services : In the case of many moving companies, various movers are sent to carry out different tasks, which can make the process confusing and time-consuming.

However, Blue Men Moving offer single-load moving services for your long-distance moves.

This basically means that the same set of movers will pack, load, and move your stuff from the beginning till the very end so that there is no confusion or communication-related chaos.

Flexible Packing Services : Moving companies who offer packing services mostly offer to do complete packing, and at times you might not want that. In such scenarios, the flexible packing services provided by Blue Men Moving will come in handy.

You can have them pack only the items you choose and get customized packing services for the goods that require professional care.

No item or move is too big or small for them. You can get in touch with them and they will provide you with packing services at any hour.

Ratings And Reviews

Google Review – 4.9/5
Yelp – 4.5/5

Company Information

Address: 5101 Park Ave West, Seville, OH, 44273
Phone: 330-241-7572
Working Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm | Saturday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

4. Leaders Moving & Storage Co.

Leaders Moving & Storage Co. logo

Founded in the year 1984, Leaders Moving & Storage company aims to provide fine moving services so they can live upto their name, i.e. be the leaders in the industry.

They have been helping customers with their moves for over three decades and have gained quite an impeccable reputation while doing so.

They are licensed, bonded, and insured and provide almost any kind of moving-related service you can think of.

They also frequently offer exciting offers and discounts to make it even more convenient for you. Their services include local and long-distance residential and commercial moving services along with packing and storage services.

If you decide to do the packing yourself and need help with just the packing materials, they can help you with that too.

Contact them to get a free quote for the service you want and have a happy moving experience!

Reasons Why We Chose Leaders Moving & Storage Co.

Master Movers : Almost every company will claim that they have experienced and efficient movers but what makes Leaders Moving stand out is the fact that they have a program called ‘Master Movers.’

Master movers are those certified movers who have successfully completed 1,000 household moves – with some completing over 3,000!

All of their movers go through an extensive training process and only the best ones are handpicked. So you can be assured of the top-notch quality when it comes to their moving and packing services.

Cross Docking Services : Cross-docking services are a cost-effective way of moving products from a manufacturing plant or other facilities and delivering it directly to the customer with little or no material handling in between.

It’s a rare moving service offered by Leaders wherein their trucks and movers are ready to help you in case you want to avail of this service.

Cross-docking services can come in handy in many moving scenarios where you want your item directly from a manufacturer to set up at your new residence or commercial setting.

Ratings And Reviews

Google Reviews – 4.8/5
Yelp – 5/5

Company Information

Address: 7455 Alta View Blvd Columbus, OH 43085
Phone: 800-481-6843
Working Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm | Saturday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

5. Gr8 Labor

GR8 Labor logo

A BBB accredited moving company which is licensed, insured, bonded, offers affordable pricing and has a great ranking across multiple platforms sounds too good to be true, right? It might be in the case of other companies, but it’s all true in the case of Gr8 Labor!

Gr8 Labor has been serving customers with excellent moving services for over 15 years with the help of their trained and accomplished movers and a dedicated customer service team aiming to help customers at every step.

With fully transparent bids and quotes, full-size trucks, and a wide range of end-to-end local residential moving and packing services, Gr8 Labor can be a great pick for you if you’re moving locally and looking for an efficient yet affordable option.

Reasons Why We Chose Gr8 Labor

Labor Only Moving : One of the tricky parts of hiring a moving company is that in most cases they want to get you to avail of their end-to-end services but you might not always want it. It’s okay to get help in the aspects you need which can be true in the case of labor.

If you just want help on the big moving day with some labor services for your heavy items, you can get exactly that with Gr8 Labour.

They offer movers on the basis of an hourly rate so you can pay for the time they help you without any unnecessary hassles.

Packing Services : With reliable service personnel and efficient crew, their team can handle any local moving need you might have which also includes packing services.

If you’re someone who doesn’t have the time or precision required to handle the delicate items in your house, you do not need to worry.

You can avail of their tier packing services and their expert team will come and pack, pad, and wrap everything well for you so there are no damages or broken pieces on your final moving day.

Ratings And Reviews

Google Reviews – 4.8/5
Yelp – 3.5/5

Company Information

Address: 1900 Polaris Pkwy suite 450-085, Columbus, OH 43240
Phone: 614-618-3044
Email: NA
Working Hours: Monday Saturday 7:00 am – 9:00 pm | Sunday 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

FAQs On Best Moving Companies In Columbus, Ohio

How Much Do Movers Cost In Columbus, Ohio?

You can compare the best companies in Columbus, Ohio to get the best deal. If it’s a local move within Columbus, full moving services for a small bedroom might cost you approximately $392.67.

You should also keep in mind that the prices of movers also heavily rely upon the distance you will be moving across and the services you need for your move.

What Is The Most Reliable Moving Company?

A reliable moving company would be the one that is recognized by major review portals and has sufficient positive customer reviews.

In addition to that, a good company will also be licensed, bonded, and insured, and be accredited by organizations like the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

When you’re choosing a reliable moving company, you should research thoroughly, check its online presence, and also reach out to them in case of any clarifications, before you decide to hire them.

Top 3 Columbus, OH Long Distance Moving Companies

To guarantee a smooth transition during long distance moves, it is crucial to have the assistance of a reliable and efficient moving company.

We recognize the importance of finding the right support, which is why we have invested our time in conducting extensive research and compiling a comprehensive list of the most reputable long distance moving companies in Columbus, Ohio.

Our selection process carefully considers vital factors such as reputation, the diverse range of services offered, and valuable feedback from customers. Keep reading to discover the perfect match for your upcoming move and enjoy a relocation experience that is free of stress.

MVM Moving & Storage
  • Highly-Trained Staff
  • Senior Moving
Hercules Movers
  • Senior moving
  • Transparent Pricing
Moving Help
  • Professional Moving Company
  • Affordable and Trust-worthy

Top 3 Last-Minute Movers in Columbus, OH

If you find yourself under time constraints and in need of a quick move, it can be difficult to locate a reliable and efficient last-minute moving company in Columbus, Ohio. However, there’s no need to be concerned!

We understand the significance of your situation and have taken extensive measures to address your worries. Through thorough research, we have carefully curated a list of the finest last-minute movers in your area.

With our assistance, you can quickly identify the most suitable professionals who possess the expertise to handle your immediate relocation requirements with utmost care and efficiency.

MVM Moving & Storage
  • Highly-Trained Staff
  • Senior Moving
Two Men And A Truck
  • Available Across the U.S.
  • Competitive Pricing
All My Sons Moving & Storage
  • White-glove Moving Services
  • Same-day Availability

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