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A moderately expensive place to live, Austin’s nightlife is one that people across the country rave about, and rightly so. The city is adorned with graffiti art galleries and is also famous for its incredible music, its fine dining scene, food trucks and excellent restaurants, great universities and a very vibrant tech scene.

Austin, without a doubt, is a great place to live and a popular choice for people raising their families. It has great parks, hiking options, rivers, great music, good food and a very cosmopolitan culture. With so much always happening across the city, it makes sense that Austin is one of the fastest growing large cities in the United States.

So how do you shortlist good moving companies in Austin when you’re looking to move here, or move out of Austin to another city in Texas? Well, you don’t have to when you got us to help you out. There’s no dearth of moving service providers in Austin, which is why it’s important to select the ones that will truly help you out instead of adding to your stress. So read on to know more about the best moving companies in Austin.

Top 5 Professional Austin Movers

Moving CompanyAllied Van LinesAmerican Van LinesInternational Van LinesIMRGNorth American Moving Services
LogoAllied Van Lines logoAmerican Van Lines logoInternational Van Lines logoInterstate Moving and Relocation Group logoNorth American Van Lines logo
DoT Number07623561450622477893034100070851
MC Number15735294798729978041027107012
ProsOnline Tracking is one of their key features

Widely availability

Easy process to get quotes
America’s Best Customer Service Award for 2019 by Newsweek

Upfront pricing

Flat rate pricing
International reach across 180 countries, both ocean and freight

Both short and long term storage options available
Available nationally

Very high customer ratings

Moving partners are prescreened for additional safety
Great Shipment Tracking

Instant quote estimate provided
ConsThere is no number for 24×7 claims

Cost for local moves is very high
Online quotes are not available which can be inconvenient

Incessant phone call follow ups
Difficult to get an accurate quote

Slightly higher than average prices
Limited information on the website

No AMSA accreditation

Lengthy quoting process

No local moves
Potentially pricier than the others

5 Top-Rated Moving Companies in Austin TX

  1. Allied Van Lines
  2. American Van Lines
  3. International Van Lines
  4. IMRG
  5. North American Moving Services

1. Allied Van Lines

Allied Van Lines logo

Allied Van Lines is one of the most popular moving companies that has carried out over 250,000 moves in the last 15 years. As legit giants of the industry, be it local, long distance, international, residential or corporate moves, you can get services of all kinds with them. To give some more insight into their wide array of moving services – online tracking, full-service packing and full valuation process are also included.

Goes without saying, Allied Van Lines are supremely experienced movers for both businesses and residential moves. Here’s an interesting trivia – Allied started off as a non-profit cooperative way back in 1928. But since then, they have grown as one of the largest and trusted moving companies in the country. In Austin, Berger Moving & Storage is one of the partner companies that usually handle the moves.

Reasons To Choose Allied Van Lines:

A La Carte Service Options: Allied Van Lines is one of the few companies that offers a la carte options. Hence, it makes a great choice for people who want to do it all by themselves, but could do it with some help. Allied Van Lines offer a whole range of services that could really ease the stress out of moving. You could easily customize the services you desire and just choose the one you need.

Full Service Packing, Fragile Packing, Unpacking, Debris Removal, moving supplies, loading and unloading, furniture disassembly and assembly, appliances disconnection and reconnections or even custom crates – you could choose each of these individually or combine it with another service too. They also help with shipment tracking, auto and boat transport and shuttle services.

Full Service Packing: This is one of the good options if you do not have the time or the energy to go about packing all your stuff. Allied Van Lines can help you with the whole gamut. Based on your requirements, they will tell you which kind of boxes they need, how much time it will cost to pack each of those boxes and the cost of each of those boxes. You could skip the full packing option if you are doing a small move. In fact you can then opt for options that have smaller budgets too.

Company Information

  • Address: 15415 Long Vista Drive Suite AV,Austin, TX 78728
  • Phone: 512-643-2189
  • Website:
  • Working Hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm Saturday 8am to 12pm Sunday Closed

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2. American Van Lines

American Van Lines logo

The fact that the American Newsweek Magazine’s 2021 Award for ‘America’s Best Customer Service.’ was given to American Van Lines should be a huge indicator of how legit they are. A family-owned full-service personalized moving company, American Van Lines has an experienced team with state-of-the-art equipment. Doesn’t matter the kind of move you’re looking for; right from local to long distance, military moves to commercial moves and interstate even, you get it all with AVL.

With massive awards backing their efforts, being renowned for exceptional customer service seems more than just believable. In case you were wondering though. American Van Lines also provides the typical offerings like packing, loading and unloading furniture, etc. But they also top it up with storage, auto shipping and transport for specialty services like piano. Interestingly, AVL has a pretty sound reputation in terms of the pricing.

Keep in mind that American Van Lines does have some weight limitations and also requires deposits. But they are known to be good and professional – which is backed by their fleet of trucks that is well maintained and state of the art in equal proportions. So if the service you’re getting is good, you probably won’t mind shelling that extra bit to get the best service.

Reasons To Choose American Van Lines:

Upfront Pricing: AVL are known to be precise with their estimates and not give approximations only. That makes everything so much easier and professional for the customer. They give proper estimates and do not leave their clients worrying about how much the move will cost them in the end. So when giving their customers estimates, their ability to ease you and focus on customer service sure does come in handy.

Whether they do it online, over the phone or in person, they will always ask you the right kind of questions, detailing out the entire move to help them give you the right estimate, and not pop any surprises later. Their over-the-phone service can be really convenient and preferable considering how moving can get really stressful to a lot of people. Let’s face it, visiting the office to get a quote is not everyone’s cup of tea, right?

Flat Rate Pricing: One of the most convenient and noteworthy things about American Van Lines is that they offer a flat rate pricing system. All you have to do is submit your inventory and the exact list of things you want to move. They will then review it and calculate the cost and send you the estimate. The estimate will include everything right up to distance, gas prices and shipment weight. Once you have reviewed and agreed to this estimate, their pricing will not change. This kind of Flat Rate Pricing is better for the customers for the following reasons:

-You know exactly what you are paying for without any hidden or additional costs.

-You may get your things delivered before schedule since they motivate the mover to work efficiently and quickly.

You cannot really bargain later, even if the moving gets done faster. But the penny spent on them is worth every bit for their professionalism.

Flat rate Pricing is not what many companies can afford to give its customers. It is one of the key points associated with AVL. Once you have given your inventory, they will come back to you after they have thoroughly whetted it, calculated it and will give you an estimate on the basis of everything (including distance, gas prices and shipment weight). The price does not change after that, so there are no last minute surprises as far as the cost is concerned.

Company Information

  • Address: 1351 NW 22nd St, Pompano Beach, FL 33069
  • Phone: 954-318-1246
  • Website:
  • Working Hours: 9am to 7pm

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3. International Van Lines

International Van Lines logo

One of the biggest moving lines in the country, International Van Lines specialize as a carrier and broker over long distances and moves all over the world. Plus the company undertakes 10,000 moves a year, that includes residential and commercial moves and add-ons like auto transport, air freights, etc. What’s great is that IVL has their own fleet and movers for the most part. In places where they do not, they coordinate with a partner company and get the work done.

In business for almost 21 years now, International Van Lines came into being back in the year 2000. Here’s the thing alright, because of the nature of their work as a broker and carrier, IVL does have a viable edge in national and international moves. The fact that International Van Lines provide services in over 180 countries worldwide goes to show how well established they are. Beyond their massive portfolio and wide reach, you get 360 degree moving services too.

Reasons To Choose International Van Lines:

Storage Options: The harsh truth of moving is that all your dates won’t always align. So then sometimes, you may need a place to store your belongings before you can move into the new place. In such cases, IVL provides you with temporary storage. A compelling part is that you can get up to one month of free storage with moving packages. You can choose warehouse or portable storage to safely keep away your goods before you need them. The two options given by IVL are Warehouse Storage and Portable Storage.

Because of IVL’s partnerships all over the world, you can get Warehouse Storage in almost any country or any state. You needn’t worry about the safety and security of your belongings as IVL ensures surveillance and safekeeping in all the premises, wherever you have stowed away your cargo. Portable storages are for you if you want everything stowed away for you in one container in your driveway for a few extra days. You will have to pack your belongings in weather resistant cubes and IVL will transport them to a warehouse facility until your new home is ready. If you wish to cancel storage 10 days before your contract expires or you will owe the next month’s entire fee.

Brokers and Carriers: Because of their profile they have a large inventory of trucks, great relationships with carriers across the world and also they have the experience of moving and transporting globally. So that makes them a fairly good choice. As mentioned earlier, they also offer free online and over the phone quotes. Need to relocate your vehicle? IVL will find a partner company that can serve you well.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what kind of services you need, International Van Lines have a great network of carriers and moving service providers who can handle your request. Just in case you were wondering, these services can also include door to door and port to port services. It literally includes all the packing, moving and storage services catered to corporates, residential moves, military or even senior moves.

Company Information

  • Address: 603 Northpark Central Dr suite 200-b, Houston, TX 77073, United States
  • Phone: 877-647-1336
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Working Hours: 24×7

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4. Interstate Moving & Relocation Group (IMRG)

Interstate Moving and Relocation Group logo

IMRG is a great option if you are looking at interstate movements. Their brokerage prices are competitive with standard industry rates. IMRG is almost twenty five years in the business and is a pro at helping people move effortlessly and with no undue inconveniences. Don’t worry about their accessibility because Interstate Moving & Relocation Group are available nationally. Although they are not a van line, rather a brokerage service, they still enjoy a good reputation as a brokerage, negotiating a good deal for customers and their interstate moves.

Reasons to Choose IMRG:

Perks: While IMRG is not the most expensive, it is not very cheap either. But it very well makes up with the perks that it offers. You not only get a really cheap packing and unpacking costs, but you also get to enjoy 30 days of free storage if you use their Storage Service. Moreover, IMRG also helps you with basic disassembly and assembly of furniture. But that’s not all, the online tracking they offer sure does make it all worth your while.

Affordable, Available and Excellent Customer Services: As moving brokers, IMRG is always trying to get the best deal for their customers. They have great partnerships and a sound network of people they work with. Ultimately, that’s what helps them get a good bargain for their customers to book an affordable move. Interstate Moving & Relocation Group make sure their staff is trained well to maintain high standards of customer service. After all, a good attitude towards the customer’s needs is at the heart of a good lifelong relationship, isn’t it? And that is what they are famous for. Although they do not do local moves, because they are available nationally, engaging their services for any interstate move is a service well worth the decision.

Company Information

  • Address: 4400 N Federal Hwy Suite 302, Boca Raton, FL 33431, United States
  • Phone: 866-922-5801
  • Website:
  • Working Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Saturday 10am to 2pm Sunday Closed

5. North American Van Lines

North American Van Lines logo

North American Van Lines are one of the bigger players in the business. How big you ask? Well, these guys have been in the business since 1933, which is close to completing a century. To add to that, these guys partnered with more than 500 local moving companies in all of the US.

Let’s not forget, we are talking about a full-service mover here. With so many years behind them, NAVL has all the experience they need to offer all kinds of moving, packing and storage services that businesses or residents would need. Moreover, they offer a plethora of add-on services like custom crating and auto transport that can help you customize your long distance move.

Reasons to Choose North American Van Lines:

Specialty Services by North American Van Lines: Now this is really interesting and thoughtful, to be honest. This is a special service in case of international moves. North American Van Lines offers help in terms of not just unpacking boxes, but also setting up language and driving lessons. These can be so helpful for anyone moving internationally and help you at ease and settle faster. At the end of the day, small but precious services like this make North American Van Lines one of the best in the industry.

Moving Coverage: North American Van Lines do offer moving coverage, much like the entire industry. There are two options that they offer. One is the Basic Liability Coverage and the other is Full Maximum Value Protection.

The Basic Liability Coverage is of course included in the move and comes at no additional cost. It is economical, but not very comprehensive. Sure, it might not give you the peace of mind of full-protection coverage, but something is better than nothing, right? It is minimal coverage as the name suggests. If the bulk of your belongings are not fragile, then you could opt for the Basic Liability Coverage. The rates for basic coverage is an industry rate of $0.60 per pound per item, or anything that is damaged or lost.

The Full Maximum Value Protection is a comprehensive offering by North American Van Lines. If you have anything that is valued at $100 and more, you can inform your agent and they will fill the information in the High-Value Inventory Form to ensure you receive more than the minimal layout for your priceless belongings in case of damage or loss.

A lot of customers believe that they’d rather spend a little bit extra and opt for the Full Maximum Value Protection than go for the Basic Coverage. This coverage is based on the total value of your belongings and not limited to per item coverage. That gives you a big buffer and assurance of how much protection you will get for your belongings.

North American Van Lines also provide 100% property damage for your home, unlike many players in the industry. That means that if while moving, they happen to damage any walls, they will ensure they come back and repair it.

Company Information

  • Phone: 800-228-3092
  • Website:

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