One of the most densely populated states, with its intimate connection to the sea, Rhode Island has won itself a name called The Ocean State. Rhode Island has had a particular influence on its industrial development. Government services, health services, business services, education and tourism today make up its economy. Tourism today drives Rhode Island. Makes sense considering Rhode Island is 400 miles of stunning coastline, unspoiled beaches and fresh from the ocean seafood.

Who wouldn’t want to live in a state as charming as Rhode Island? We all know how Rhode Island is the tiniest state in our country. But make no mistake, finding good moving companies here is a big deal by any stretch of imagination. What matters is finding one that’s competent and good enough to handle your needs. We got you covered! So we have rounded up a list of the five best moving companies in Rhode Island.

Top 5 Professional RI Movers

Moving CompanyGentle Giant Moving CompanyU-PackMedina MoversCorreira Brothers’ Gentry Moving and Storage
LogoGentle Giant Moving Company logoU-Pack logoMedina Movers LogoCorreira Brothers logoGentry Moving Company Logo
DoT Number373544263208631823113095364593015
MC Number21876291401112734874304286881
ProsSenior moving

Storage Solutions

Long Distance Moving
Excellent customer services

Efficient movers

Hoisting and Crating

Full service moving and packing
Full Service Movers and Packers

Specialty Movers

Storage Solutions
Competitive Pricing

Responsive Services

Long Distance Moves
ConsThey do not give any Senior Discount
They do not pack
You have to pack, load and unload yourself
No mention of senior assistance in movingNo junk hauling or clean upsNo Junk Hauling

5 Top-Rated Moving Companies in Rhode Island

  1. Gentle Giant Moving Company
  2. U-Pack
  3. Medina Movers
  4. Correira Brothers
  5. Gentry Moving and Storage

1. Gentle Giant Moving Company

Gentle Giant Moving Company logo

When a company is voted as one of the best places to work by The Boston Globe, you know that they are worth your consideration. With a little over 4 decades of experience backing them, Gentle Giant Moving Company can surely be considered one of the finest in Rhode Island, and even the country. As proudly mentioned on their website, Gentle Giant Moving Company, about 80% of their business is comprised of referrals. It only goes to show the quality of service they offer. The fact that Indianapolis is just one of their 20 locations in the US highlights how you can turn to them for moves outside the city and the state too.

Reasons To Hire Gentle Giants Moving Company:

Highest Quality Movers and Packers: There’s awards, massive experience and over 300 staff that’s really competent staff that Gentle Giants Moving Company has to show for. The reassuring part is that Providence Business News gave them the award of Healthiest Employers of Rhode Island back in 2019. Now that clearly proves why their staff strives to pack your belongings and carry out your moves in the most efficient and careful manner possible.

Gentle Giants have some of the best quality moving, storage facilities and packing for moving. In fact, a marquee feature about the company is their crew guarantee of 100%. What it means is that you get all your money back in a case where you’re left unsatisfied by their service. In case you want to know more, they are also accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating to show for.

Great Packers and Storage Options: Remember the name – Top Box! Essentially, it is a program designed for the DIY movers who like to pack things themselves. But then again, regardless of how well you pack your belongings, all your efforts and abilities will come undone if you don’t have high quality packing supplies to back you. This is where Gentle Giants Moving Company step in. You just have to cough up a nominal fee of $25, and you then get your hands on professional packing materials such as moving boxes, tapes, foam and bubble wraps among others. Don’t worry about delivery charges because it is delivered to you for free!

Just as well as we do, Gentle Giants also get that pieces of art we own always hold a little part of our hearts. So to ensure those precious artworks are stored in the best possible manner, the company offers 24 hour art storage facilities of superior quality. Doesn’t matter if you need it just for a few days or considerably longer because you would have the option for both long and short term storage. Wait, there’s more – Gentle Giants’ storage spaces are also climate controlled. So if at all you were worried about your pianos, artworks and books before, you don’t have to anymore when they will be in their storage spaces.

Ratings and Reviews

  • Google: 4.9/5
  • Yelp: 4.5/5
  • Angieslist: 4.9/5

Company Information

  • Address: 125 Amaral St, Riverside, RI 02915, United States
  • Phone: 401-453-4400
  • Emails:
  • Website:
  • Working Hours: Monday to Friday – 8am to 5pm, Saturday – 8am to 12pm, Sunday – Closed

2. U-Pack Moving

U-Pack logo

No job is big or small for them! U-Pack Moving can help you with various options of moving and for various sections of people. After all, we’re talking about a company present in almost every part of the country. All the 50 states of the US, to be precise. The proof of their stature lies in their wide array of service offerings that include – Long distance moves, military moves, cross country moves, senior and student moves, job relocations and small moves too.

U-Pack is probably the best in the business because of the prices. They have the lowest in the industry. Moreover, there’s a “pay what you use plan”, which is an extremely valuable service for anyone who is working on a shoestring budget. So you could be ordering 4 containers, but if you only use two, you pay only for two. It’s definitely one of the things that set them apart from the rest. Just one caveat – U-Pack does not carry out moves under 150 miles.

Another important service U-Pack offers is instant quote over the phone. For anyone who is working or moving on a closed deadline, this is godsend. U-Pack is not just a pro in the business, but the main thing about U-Pack is that you cannot beat its low prices.

Reasons To Choose U-Pack:

ReloCubes: ReloCubes are containers that can very easily hold a room full of furniture. They measure approximately 6,3” x 7’ x 8’4”. Made completely out of metal while also being weatherproof, the safety offered by these containers are befitting long distance moves. ReloCubes are designed for convenience, in the sense that they can be dropped off at your doorstep and can sit flat on the ground for easy loading.

The good thing is that because of their convenient measurements, they can quite literally fit in a single parking space. Yes, you’re right, these containers would be perfect for your apartments. For that matter, if you live in an area where only street parking is allowed, it works in that scenario too.

The ReloCubes are easy to use and has a three-day window for you to load and unload the containers. You can reserve as many of them as you want, but you would only have to pay for what you use. Now that works out well for any customer, isn’t it? In that sense, ReloCubes are great because the customer doesn’t have to pay an upfront deposit on it.

Moving Trailers: Moving trailers are perfect for long distance moves. They have more space than a rental truck that you would hire, almost three to four times more. All the same, space would not really be a concern because the trailer would be able to fit things of up to three to four rooms. But hey, it doesn’t mean you would have to burn a hole through your pockets. U-Pack trailers have amazingly low prices, and like we said earlier, you only pay for your use. Moreover, these moving trailers come with their own ramp that is easy to use and quick to use, that too free of charge. If you have a parking spot in the street or a driveway, then that is enough to get the trailer right up to your home.

Reviews and Ratings

  • Google: 4.4/5
  • Yelp: 5/5

Company Information

  • Address: 1260 Terminal Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46217, United States
  • Phone: 844-611-4582
  • Emails:,
  • Website:
  • Working Hours: Mon-Fri 7:00 am – 8:00 pm, Sat 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

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3. Medina Movers LLC

Medina Movers Logo

Medina Movers opened its doors in 2015 and has been one of the best in the business since then. One of the focus areas of Medina Movers LLC is transparency. It’s the reason why their fees and quotes don’t come with hidden costs. Speaking of fees, the company offers a flat rate pricing structure to their customers. But they also have hourly rates as an option. It all boils down to the nature of service you choose and the factors involved in your unique personal move.

Based out of the New England region, Medina Movers sure does become an option worth considering when you’re moving out of Rhode Island to one of the nearby states. As people who consider themselves highly professional and dedicated, Medina Movers makes sure that they have a wide array of moving services for people to choose from. Which is precisely why they are a full-service moving company that covers all kinds of moves and helps with packing, unpacking, loading and unloading too.

Reasons To Choose Medina Movers:

Hoisting and Custom Crating: Finding a moving service provider that helps you hoist stuff is easier said than done. Heavy lifting tasks like getting the furniture out from narrow entries, shifting or repositioning things in the house is a task that requires a great deal of skill. Especially if you don’t want to risk injuring yourself. For this very reason Medina Movers offer their hoisting services, which could also involve getting your furniture down from the balcony of your window, if you live in a building apartment.

As utilitarian moving boxes can be, they’re not meant to handle the bulk of heavy yet fragile items like tables, TVs and other such things. So with such things, robust packing becomes extremely vital. What better way to safeguard such belongings than to put them in sturdy wooden crates? With Medina Movers, you can get customized crating service when you have to transport such heavy and fragile belongings of yours.

Long Distance Moves: When you move a long distance with Medina Movers, they ensure that it is the same people throughout your journey. So at any given point of your move, communication won’t be an issue, which also massively avoids the possibility of confusions. They will take an inventory before they start and help you right till the end, to unload, unpack and arrange all your belongings the way you want them to be.

Ratings and Reviews

  • Google reviews: 5/5

Company Information

  • Address: Medina Movers LLC 117 Burnett St Providence, RI 02907
  • Phone: 617-446-3312
  • Emails:
  • Website:
  • Working Hours: Monday to Thursday – 8am to 7pm, Friday – 8am to 6pm, Saturday and Sunday – 8am to 5pm

4. Correira Brothers’ Moving & Storage, Inc.

Correira Brothers logo

Correira Bros is a family owned and operated business in the moving industry and have established themselves as a premiere moving and storage company. Their attitude to all their moves is that of dedication, utmost care and efficiency to provide their customers the essential services required while transporting their belongings. Over the years, they have mastered the art of specializing in moving pianos, pool tables and safes, all of which are not necessarily a service provided by everyone in the business. Correira Brothers’ Moving & Storage are open 7 days a week and strive to provide same day service. They are affordable and have clean trucks with the right equipment to help you move smoothly.

Reasons to Choose Correira Brothers:

Storage Facilities: There’s no denying that with moving, there’s always going to be instances of the coordination level being less than desirable. Now, that’s not really a problem because even when they do, all you really want is for your belongings to be put away till you settle down in your new home or office. So taking care of that requirement, Correira Bros’ provide you with secure facilities that have 24-hour camera surveillance, secure indoor climate-controlled storage units, long and short term storage options and one month of free storage if you hire their services.

Specialty Moves: Now, you could be one of those people who takes pride in that gorgeous Grand Piano sitting in your music room. Maybe, you have a gun safe or have simply collected artwork from all over the world over the years. Or for that matter, you are just that DIY guy who likes to have a lot of machinery for all your work. But irrespective, you do not have to worry about getting a third party vendor to move these, as Correira Bros’ are proficient in specialty moves for exactly these items. They understand that you need specialized skills and knowledge to move these belongings and they have that.

Reviews and Ratings

  • Angieslist: 4.2/5
  • HireaHelper: 4.6/5
  • Oncueformovers: 4.9/5
  • Google: 4.2/5

Company Information

  • Address: 222 Jefferson Blvd #200, Warwick, RI 02888
  • Phone: 401-337-8025
  • Emails:
  • Website:
  • Working Hours: Monday to Friday – 7am to 10pm, Saturday – 7am to 9pm, Sunday – 8am to 7pm

5. Gentry Moving and Storage

Gentry Moving Company Logo

Gentry Moving and Storage are one of the premier movers and packers in the industry in Rhode Island. They are known for their timely response and professional crew members who take their job very seriously and understand that Moving Day needs to be stress free and seamless for you. Gentry Storage can take care of residential moving, office furniture installation, seniors moving assistance and warehousing and storage solutions too. All their employees are background checked and are given on the job training, ensuring that everyone has the same level of work ethics. Do keep in mind that Gentry services Rhode Islands, Southeastern Massachusetts and Eastern Connecticut.

Reasons to Choose Gentry Moving and Storage:

  • Competitive and Affordable Pricing: Gentry Movers offer very competitive and affordable pricing, with free and no obligation estimates (such a blessing!). The idea behind flat rate pricing or hourly rate plans is so that you have sufficient options to choose from, if only to make your move more suited to your budget. Assessment is taken on location in order to determine accurate pricing options, and then that’s all.
  • Value Added Responsive Services: Every bit helps when you are moving, and Gentry Moving and Storage are no strangers to this thought. Which is why they take extra efforts to ensure your moving day is as memorable and as seamless as possible. To make your moves more customized to your needs, they offer comprehensive pack-to-unpack or A La Carte services. These include – plastic shipping cartons that are easy to move, stackable and crush resistant option, post move out cleaning services too, which is equally important. They can also help with last minute moves, late night moves and even weekend moving plans.

Ratings and Reviews

  • Google: 4.5/5
  • Yelp: 3.5/5

Company Information

  • Address: 1425 Cranston St, Cranston, RI 02920, United States
  • Phone: 401-233-2786
  • Emails:
  • Website:
  • Working Hours: Monday To Friday – 8am to 5pm, Saturday 8am to 2pm, Sunday Closed

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