When you want to relocate or move to a new place, you are already stressed about so many things. One of them is moving all of your belongings from your old home to the new place. There will be so many of your precious possessions that you want to take along with you no matter what.

One of those things can be your precious glassware collection. Be it coffee mugs, glass bowls, dishes, salad plates, wine glasses or cups, these are the most fragile items that can easily break while moving. Don’t know how to pack your expensive glassware? Well, you don’t have to worry about that as we’ve listed down some of the best glass pack moving boxes to protect your glassware while moving. Read on to find out more about the different kinds of glass pack moving boxes available for you.

Top 3 Glass Pack Moving Boxes

1. Bankers Box SmoothMove Heavy Duty Dish and Glass Moving Kit

Whether it’s to protect your wine or champagne glasses, dishes, crystal or stemware, the Bankers Box SmoothMove Heavy Duty Dish and Glass Moving Kit will take care of all of these items. In this moving kit, you will not just be provided 24 divider pieces for your glasses, but also foam cushioning to protect all of your glassware. You will get one box which has a dimension of 18.5 x 12.5 x 12” to accommodate various kinds of glasses and cups. One of the best things about the box is that it has a deep locking lift-off lid along with triple end, double side and double bottom construction. This is to ensure that your items have a strong and durable protection. That’s not all, the tear resistant handles make it easy for you to carry the boxes for your relocation.

  • Bankers Box SmoothMove Heavy Duty Dish and Glass Moving Kit Specifics: You get only one box with a dimension of 18.5 x 12.5 x 12” to assemble all your items.
  • Storage Capacity: You can store around 12-24 glasses in the box. If at all your glasses are small, you can stack them on top of each other to accommodate 24 items.
  • Cons: You will have to cut the perforated areas by following the instructions on the box and then assemble your items.
  • Price on Amazon: $24.99 (excluding shipping costs).

Important Note: For packing tall champagne glasses, do not cut the dividers. You can cut the dividers only for double stake cups.

2. Ubox Dish Saver Divider Kit

One of your priceless possessions can be the delicate and precious china or glass plates that you’ve probably inherited from your grandmother or parents. You obviously will be tensed regarding packing them for your move. That’s when the Ubox Dish Saver Divider Kit will come to your rescue. It is made of good quality cardboard with a dimension of 12 x 2 x 12.5”. This box has a cell divider where you can accommodate different glassware like your dishes, cups or glasses. So you don’t have to worry about any breakage, as these partitions will keep each item intact and in one place. The best thing about this kit is that you will also be provided reusable foam pouches to protect your items.

Ubox Dish Saver Divider Kit Specifics: One box that accommodates different kinds of glassware and comes with cell dividers and foam pouches.

Storage Capacity: 6 plates, 6 saucers, 6 bowls, 6 salad plates.

Cons: The box doesn’t have any handles. You will have to use lots of packing tape to seal the box properly especially if you’ve accommodated a lot of items.

Price at Uboxes website: $14.95

3. Duck Brand Glass Kit

All of your glass items like your vases, wine and champagne glasses and dishes can be accommodated in this Duck Brand Glass Kit. To ensure the safety of all your items, the kit is made of corrugated cardboard to avoid any kind of damage while moving. The kit comes with five dividers. You will get two dividers with a size of 12 x 15.125” and other three dividers with a size of 12 x 11”. The best thing about this kit is that you will be provided with 12 reusable foam pouches with a size of 12 x 11” to protect your glassware. However, the kit does not include a moving box, all you get is a glass protection kit. So if you want to do your customized packing, this is the best kit for you. But remember to also purchase a moving box to pack this kit for moving.

Duck Brand Glass Kit Specifics: You will get 5 corrugated dividers and 12 foam pouches in this kit.

Storage Capacity: You can pack around 20 glasses of various sizes in one kit.

Cons: This kit does not include a moving box. Also, you will have to assemble the kit all by yourself.

Price on Amazon: $17.19 (excluding shipping costs).

Price at Walmart: $17.43 (excluding shipping costs).

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Why Should You Use Glass Pack Moving Boxes?

All of your glassware collection may include items like cups, wine and champagne glasses, cups, coffee mugs, dinner plates, vases, etc. These glass items are very heavy and brittle in nature and so at a constant risk of breaking. If you have glassware of various sizes and shapes, it’s even more difficult to ship them from one place to the other. That’s when glass pack boxes come in handy.

● Secure Protection

Since your glass items are fragile in nature, they need extra care while relocation. That’s why it’s best to use glass pack boxes. These boxes are made of corrugated cardboard that keep your glasses intact by adding a protective layer on all sides.

● Accommodate various types of glassware

As mentioned earlier, your glassware can be of different shapes and sizes. Most moving boxes have dividers where you can separate your dishes and glasses. Assembling the glasses in the box also becomes easier, as many boxes have compartments that can accommodate a certain number of your dishes, wine or champagne glasses.

● Easy shipping

When you pack your glassware in a moving box, you are giving extra protection to your precious items. It’s easier to carry boxes and then load them onto a truck. You can even label the boxes or keep one box for all your dishes and one box for all of your wine and champagne glasses. This way it becomes easier to move them to your new place.

How To Pack Glasses For A Move?

Now that you know about the best glass pack boxes and their importance, let’s look at how to pack your precious glassware in just a few easy steps that you need to follow carefully.

1. Gather All Packing Supplies

It’s always good if you purchase your packing supplies prior to the day you’ve assigned for packing your items. If you’ve hired a moving company, you can check if they’re offering any packing supplies. You will need the following packing supplies:

  • Moving Box
  • Packing paper/Foam sheets/ Towels
  • Packing Tape
  • Permanent Marker
  • Scissors

In case you don’t have bubble wrap or packing paper, you can use foam sheets to pack your glasses. If at all you are falling short of packing paper, your old towels or bed sheets can come in handy for the soft base of your box. Always keep a marker and scissors ready when you are carrying out your packing process.

2. Prepare Your Glass Pack Box

Doesn’t matter from where you get your moving box, it’s always good to add an extra layer of protection. You will need lots of packing paper and tape to prepare your box. First you need to tape the bottom and sides of your box with packing tape. This is to avoid any kind of tear during the move. Next you need to make a soft cushioning to the bottom of your box with crumpled paper. So if your box happens to fall by accident, this soft base will keep your glasses secure. If you don’t want to waste your money on packing paper, you can use your old towels or a nice cloth that can make a soft base.

3. Pack Each Item Individually

After you’re done with preparing your box, you need to first find a safe place to pack your delicate glassware. The best place to do this is on the floor. You can lay a soft bed sheet or old curtain and keep all your glasses there. Remember to always start with the huge and heavy glasses and then the smaller ones. Take one glass item at a time and pack it individually. You can use foam sheets or packing paper to wrap your glass. Place the glass in the center of the packing paper and roll it entirely over the glass. You can stuff the remaining paper at the opening of the glass. Each glass has to be done in a similar manner and don’t forget to seal the packing with a packing tape.

4. Placing Your Glasses In The Box

Always start with the huge and heavy glasses and place them at the bottom of the box. Then move on to the smaller ones and place them on the top. Most of the moving boxes have dividers which make it easy to separate your different kinds of glasses and dishes. Once you’re done placing all the glasses, stuff some crumpled packing paper on the top of your box before folding the flaps.

5. Sealing The Box

Make sure that you check your box before sealing it. If you happen to notice any gaps in the box, you can cover them with packing paper. Once you’re done placing all the items, stuff some packing paper on the top, then fold the flaps and seal your box with a packing tape. After sealing the box, you can label it using a permanent marker so that you don’t get confused which box contains what, once you move to your new house.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to pack glasses for moving?

Since your glassware is delicate and easily prone to breakage while moving, you need to take care of it when you pack them. Keep the following things in mind when you pack your glasses:

  • Purchase a glass pack moving box.
  • Make a soft cushioning at the bottom before you place your items.
  • Place the big and heavy glasses first and then the smaller ones.
  • Stuff a lot of packing paper at the top of your glasses.
  • Check the box before sealing.

How do you pack wine glasses without dividers?

If at all your moving box does not have dividers, you need to make some extra arrangements to protect your wine glasses. First and foremost you need to make a soft cushioning base for your glasses. In case you don’t have enough packing paper, you can use your old towels. This is to avoid any damage in case the box falls down during your move. You will need to pack your wine glasses with foam sheets or packing paper. Adding a double layer will give extra protection to avoid any damage. Pack your wine glasses individually and then place them in the box. Make sure you stuff some crumpled packing paper on top of your glasses. Always check your box after placing your items and then seal it with a packing tape. Your wine glasses are then ready for a move.


Since your glassware is so important to you, you need to be extra careful while relocating them to your new place. If you happen to move some of your other fragile items along with your glassware, make sure that your glasses are kept on top of those items in your box. Now that you are aware of the best glass pack boxes and their packing process, you’re ready to take care of them all by yourself.

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