Whether you have decided to move in as a tenant or are finally moving out of a rented property, whether you are a landlord whose tenant is moving in or out, it is a transition that signifies huge changes for you. But you know what can make this change incredibly easy to navigate through? A checklist! A checklist is a great idea to make sure that you have everything in place before the move in/out.

In this article, we have something for both tenants and landlords. We’ve created an extensive list to keep in mind, regardless of if you’re moving in or out as a tenant or are renting out property as a landlord. Here’s a move-in, move-out checklist for both landlords and tenants, so you can focus on the shift without worrying too much.

Move-In Checklist

Imagine that you’re a tenant who has finally liked a house that fits in your budget or a landlord who has a new tenant moving in. These are both stressful situations and having a move-in checklist will help you prepare better for the final day. Here are some points for landlords and tenants to keep in mind before moving in or having someone move into their house.

Move-In Checklist For Landlords

As a landlord, you might be under some pressure before renting your home and we get that. Having a stranger come by and live on your property is bound to bring about some uneasiness and discomfort. But there are always ways to prepare for it so that you can be assured and enjoy the benefits of being a landlord.

Here are a set of things that you can do in order to make the process smooth, stress-free, and safe. Before renting or subletting your apartment to a potential tenant, always make sure to –

  • Do a complete background check of your tenant.
  • Have a detailed account of each room(s), kitchen(s), and bathroom(s).
  • Establish the rent conditions and the agreement clearly.
  • Click pictures of the rooms with all the amenities you are providing.
  • Make sure that you don’t give any damaged items to your tenants.
  • Establish clear communication with your tenant.
  • Check the lightings, gas, and water supplies and conduct all the necessary repair work before renting out your property.
  • Check the fireplace properly.
  • Make sure to check the doors and handles of all the rooms.
  • Check that there are no major dents or marks on the wall. Click pictures.
  • Check the toilet and bathroom amenities and make sure that nothing is clogged or broken.
  • Check the heater(s) and shower(s) for proper functioning.
  • Ask your tenants to get renters insurance.

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Move-In Checklist For Tenants

Moving to a new place can be an amalgamation of excitement, nervousness, and relief but a checklist can help you plan your move better. Before you move to your new house, just keep these things in mind and you will be good to begin a new journey without a lot of roadblocks.

  • Always read your rental agreement carefully before signing. Do not hesitate to ask for help from a professional if needed.
  • Establish clear boundaries with your landlords and enquire about the nature of your landlord prior to signing the documents. A bad landlord can ruin the whole experience for you.
  • Check all the amenities that are you are offered and create a list along with photographs so you can be free of any unnecessary allegations.
  • Check all the basic supplies and/or damages and ask your landlord to get everything fixed before you move in.
  • Communicate properly with your landlord and be aware if there are any rules or restrictions in place.
  • Check all the switchboards, geysers, and showers. Make sure that everything is functioning.
  • Inquire about the rent expectations and communicate your budget beforehand.

Move-Out Checklist

Moving out is never easy, be it for a tenant or landlord. It can be stress-inducing and cause a lot of anxiety if you do not know what you’re doing. Having a move-out checklist can not only help you organize the process better but can also be serotonin-boosting when you tick the tasks off, as and when you’re done with them! We have prepared a list of things you should check as a landlord when your tenant is moving out or if you’re the tenant yourself.

Move-Out Checklist For Landlords

As a landlord, you’ll have a lot on your plate when your tenant decides to move out. Whatever the reason may be, the process ought to be quick, clean, and hassle-free as the faster you can screen the next potential candidates, the better.

Here’s a quick checklist of the things you should keep in mind when your tenant is finally moving out so that you can ensure a smooth transition. Before your tenant shifts out of your property, always –

  • Make sure that your tenant has given you proper notice before moving out.
  • Schedule an inspection of your home before the tenant moves out.
  • Make sure that your tenant follows the rental agreement.
  • In case of any damage to your property, discuss and get the due compensation from your tenant.
  • Make sure that the tenant has followed the basic maintenance measures.
  • Carefully inspect the amenities you provided beforehand and make sure that nothing is missing.
  • Click the ‘After’ pictures of the house, walls, and windows so you can compare them with the pictures you had taken earlier.
  • Check the flooring, locks, and kitchen compartments. Make sure that there are no new dents, holes, or breakage caused by the tenant.
  • Keep all the documents and photographs handy before the final inspection.
  • Make sure to collect the forwarding address of your tenant in case you need to contact them once they have moved out.
  • Always compare the move-in and move-out reports, items, and home conditions in detail before returning the deposit.
  • Once you’ve decided how much to return and how much you want to keep, in case of any remaining utility bills or damages, return the deposit within 30 days.

Move-Out Checklist For Tenants

Moving out can be a big task that gets trickier when you’re doing so out of a rented place. Here, you’ll not only need to plan your move but will also require to coordinate with your landlord and inform them about your decision along with following many other steps. Making a move-out checklist will help simplify the task further so that your deposit and mental health doesn’t suffer along the way. Before moving out of a place –

  • Serve your leaving notice at least 30 days prior to your move.
  • Inform your landlord if there are any accidental damages, marks, or scratches that might have happened over the course of your stay.
  • Refrain from taking any of your landlord’s belongings with you.
  • Try to return the apartment in the same condition you’ve received it in.
  • Schedule a move-out inspection for your landlord before you leave.
  • Do not leave the house unattended.
  • Have clear communication about the status of your deposit.
  • Be sincere and get your place cleaned before you leave.
  • Hand the old house keys and your new address to your landlord.

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Some Tips And Tricks For The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Communication is one of the most important aspects of any relationship, which is applicable to the dynamic between landlord and tenant too. Though it might not be the most uncomplicated relationship at times, healthy communication and maintaining boundaries will certainly help both sides to live and leave in harmony. Here, we are giving you some additional tips and tricks that will help make this process easier while also saving you a lot of time.

  • Establish clear communication so that the process becomes easier.
  • Share your move-in, move-out checklists so that both parties can be on the same page.
  • Always respect each other’s space and boundaries. For landlords, it should be important to give due space to their tenants and refrain from being nosy while tenants should be respectable and inform the landlords in case of any unpleasant surprises.
  • Both the parties should be present in the screenings of move in and move out days and everything should be recorded on paper and photographically, if possible.
  • The rental agreement should be clear and unbiased, detailing even minute information.
  • Inform at least a month prior to the landlord/tenant in case you want the tenant to move or if you’re moving out.
  • Make separate mini-lists for each room, bathroom, and kitchen so you can sort things out easily.
  • Tenants should always refer to the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ pictures and compare them before leaving the house for good so that they are not charged unfairly.
  • Keep all the documents ready for the final move-in and move-out day so that you do not waste any time.
  • Always have background checks and go for rental insurance to assure safety.
  • Keep the house well maintained. Have smoke detectors installed and batteries charged to save you from any unfortunate accidents.
  • Have a reliable handyman or ask your landlord to recommend a handyman who can deal with any necessary repairs that will come your way and discuss the payment scheme beforehand to avoid any conflict.
  • Tenants should never make any drastic changes to the rental property like painting or drilling a wall without consulting with the landlord first. As we said, honest communication goes a long way.

FAQs On Move In, Move Out Checklists For Tenants And Landlords

What To Check When The Tenant Is Moving Out?

Before your tenant moves out, you should definitely check your belongings and their conditions to make sure that no item is damaged or missing. You should check each and every corner of your house, kitchen, and bathroom. You should conduct a proper inspection before your tenant moves out where you can compare the overall condition of your property as compared to how it was when you had given it for rent.

If the tenant causes undue trouble or refrains from cooperating, we advise you to have a legal intervention during the move-out inspection so that there are no unnecessary hassles. Do not forget to take the keys from your tenant and ask for their new address along with the bank details so that you can return their mails and deposit. Make sure to keep everything documented so you don’t get in any unexpected trouble at the last minute. Many regional laws also require a mandatory move-in/move-out inspection.

Should You Clean Your Apartment Before Moving Out?

Yes, you certainly should clean your apartment before moving out as it’s a decent thing to do. If you do not have time to do it personally, you can hire professional cleaning services and make sure that they deep-clean the entire house so that it’s fresh and ready for the new tenants. It will help to boost your image with the landlord and might even score you some final points that can possibly help you fasten the process of getting your security deposit back.

What Is A Move-In Inspection?

A move-in inspection is a process designed to help both tenant and landlord have a lot of clarity. In the inspection, a landlord documents the original condition of the property in written and even visual (photographic and/or videographic) form. The move-in inspection helps both the tenant and landlord to be on the same page and an agreement is signed by both the parties involved at the end of it. A detailed account of each room is an absolutely essential part of the move-in inspection. Move-in and move-out inspections are integral as it saves time, energy, and unnecessary disputes.

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