Regardless of how small or big your move is, moving does empty your pockets. Whether it’s getting all the packing supplies, hiring movers, or getting insurance for your items, moving can be really expensive. That’s why most people try to hunt for ways in which they can reduce their moving expenses. In such a scenario, you can look at the different financial assistance options available when you’re relocating.

Top Financial Moving Assistance For Your Move

Whether you are from a low-income family or not, you can still approach various moving assistance programs near you. There are certain grants for families with low incomes. Otherwise, you can also connect with several at the state, federal, or out-of-state level programs for getting financial aid.

Here’s how you can seek financial assistance for your relocation:

Employer Based Relocation Aid Programs

We acknowledge the importance of an allowance especially if you want to relocate to a new place. Be it your house rent, taxes, moving costs, etc, an allowance will help you meet these basic moving expenses. That’s why you need to check your company’s policy or program in terms of financial aid for relocation.

If at all you’re moving to a new place because of a transfer in your current company’s new branch, you’re certainly entitled to a moving allowance. All you have to do is enquire and check your company’s policy or program that will help you with a financial aid for relocating. In some cases, companies pay for the entire relocation expenses. We suggest you ask your company whether your entire family’s moving expenses can be covered. Even if you get a minimum allowance, you can use that to meet your basic moving expenses. You can use our Moving Calculator to Calculate your moving cost.

Federal Assistance For Homeowners

In case of any emergency conditions like natural disasters, the Federal Program for Relocation Assistance comes to rescue not just families but also small businesses. Making your relocation easy is the primary aim of these programs so that you can move to a new place which you can call home. That’s why we suggest you check how Federal Programs can aid you with your relocation expenses.

A grant through such Federal Programs can assist small businesses by helping them set their business in a completely new location altogether. Let’s not forget that even families are assisted with grants in case of emergencies like natural disasters so that they can have a new home elsewhere. Apart from that, the deposits to buy a new home can also be covered by the grants to provide a roof over your head.

Speaking of people who are at the risk of being homeless, they can also be aided with their relocation provided they’re qualified for the same.

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Financial Grant For The Prevention Of Homelessness

There are times when people or families are on the verge of becoming homeless when they get a sudden eviction notice. It may be because they’ve not paid their rent on time. To save them from becoming homeless, they can get a grant. There are several housing agencies that disburse and administer these grants. To name a few, there’s The Salvation Army and also other religious and local organizations that step forward to help people from living on the streets. They cover certain expenses related to moving, hotel or motel vouchers or even rental deposits.

If at all you’re on the verge of being homeless or if you know someone who is, then you should definitely check if there are any application forms for a grant available and accepted in your locality. It will take a span of 3 years for the administering authorities to dispense the funds that are received. You can expect to receive grants for 18 months of rental assistance. All of this gives families an opportunity for a new beginning to start a new life.

Housing Emergency Fund

The one-off housing emergency grant can be one of your immediate needs. To help aid emergency needs like rental, security and utility deposits, there is a grant of more than $2,000 for eligible applicants.

There are times when families are not able to raise emergency funds which increases their financial burden. In certain cases, people don’t even get a refund for the deposit on their houses. That’s when the Housing Industry Foundation comes to their aid to ease this financial burden.

Whether it’s paying the new landlord, utility companies or housing agents, the emergency fund is transferred in a time period of 24 hours. If you want to know more about the application and eligibility criteria, you can go ahead and visit HIF website.

There is financial assistance even in cases of government funding for new projects that make people displaced from their homes because of demolition or reconstruction. This assistance is provided by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. We advise you not to leave your home in case you suddenly are notified about any of the above developments no matter how compelling they can be. Before moving out, it’s good if you’re aware of the other alternatives available for you.

Let’s take a look at the alternatives that are available for you in the above cases:

Rental Assistance or Housing Replacement

In case you need help to pay your rent or with the acquisition of an appropriate or similar home as a replacement, this type of assistance is available for you.

Moving Expenses

When it comes to moving expenses, they will either be paid in full, fixed-rate, or as a combination of both for all.

Modest Needs Foundation Grants

Modest Needs Foundation Grants is a tax-exempt charity that is working to eradicate poverty for people of low-income groups and those below the poverty line. Assisting people since the year 2002, Modest Needs can aid you with small or one-time grants of as much as $1,000.

Modest Needs emphasizes on their Self-Sufficiency Grant. They cover expenses of individuals or household with the following needs:

  • Emergency Expenses that an individual or family is not able to meet (medical bills not covered by insurance, repairing or replacing an appliance, cost of burying a family member who has passed away).
  • Monthly Expenses that an individual or family can’t meet because of documentable emergency situations (auto insurance costs, rent or mortgage, car repair).

To get a grant from Modest Needs, you will have to first sign up for an account and then read their FAQs before you fill the application form. You can visit their website to know more about their eligibility criteria.

Funds From YWCA

Working to take out the roots of racism and domestic abuse, YWCA has assisted women with financial aid since the 1850’s. They even help with financial help concerning moving expenses. To get financial assistance from YWCA you need to live near any of their locations. With the help of their partner organizations, they can even assist you with low-income moving assistance programs. For more information about the application process, you’ll have to call any local YWCA agent or check their website

Charitable Organizations

In challenging times like emergency relocation expenses, you might find it difficult to raise enough funds. Whether it’s because of previous commitments or logistics, you can always turn towards charitable organizations. The primary reason for setting up such organizations was to provide moving grants to ease the financial burdens of families.

The different types of grants that are included are as follows:

Moving Grant for Low-income Groups

It’s almost impossible for people with low incomes to meet expenses concerning their relocation. So to help people or families with financial aid for their moves, there are several government programs. In case you need help too, we suggest you check for the requirements along with the availability for such grants.

Relocation Assistance for Disabled Citizens

Carrying out relocation tasks like anyone else or meeting the required expenses for relocation is difficult for people who are disabled or physically challenged. To help such people in times of relocation, several government agencies have been set up. If you want to assess these organizations, you can go ahead and research online. Just make sure that the application has been processed and completed properly in order to receive the grant. So if at all you are in this category or you know anyone who is, please don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Moving Assistance Program for Veterans

All the veteran citizens can get access to moving assistance provided they meet all the requirements. Whether it’s rent for utilities, security deposits, childcare or housing support, veterans can get help for all these needs. Apart from that there’s also the Veterans Supportive Services that provides legal support especially in times of relocation.

Religious Organizations

For needy families or families with single mothers, low income and disabled citizens, moving and relocation assistance is offered by several religious organizations. To know more about the criteria for this assistance, you can approach anyone from your locality and ask about it. Do keep in mind that this assistance depends on the budget that the organization has. Just so you know, your loyalty towards the presiding religious body’s officers can be an important factor that would determine the assistance.

Exchange Unwanted Items for Money

When you urgently need financial assistance and you’re not eligible for federal relocation assistance or not able to access any other funding, this can actually save your day. There may be some of your possessions that you don’t really need or use at all. Selling them will help you get some money to meet your basic relocation expenses.

In such times of need, when you sell some of your old belongings, it’s known as a ‘garage sale’ or a ‘moving sale’. You can certainly earn some amount of money which you can use to reduce your moving expenses. We suggest you put your belongings for auction either through physical means or on various platforms available online like Amazon or eBay. There may be so many of your books, magazines, accessories, or even appliances that you don’t really use. You can ease your financial burden by putting them for auction.

Budgeting Loans

This type of loan is interest-free and mostly not less than $100. Do keep in mind that depending on your financial needs or circumstances, you can repay this within 24 months. We suggest you consider this as one of your options if you urgently need any financial assistance.

People who can be qualified for this kind of loans are as follows:

  • Pensioners.
  • Individuals who have been on Employment Support Allowance/Seekers Allowance for almost 26 weeks.

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If at all you are having financial difficulties, you can avail of any of the financial assistance mentioned above. It will not just help you relocate, but also save you from any kind of stress or embarrassment in case of emergencies.

Just so you know, there are several organizations and charities that are kind enough to provide a roof above your head or help you move to a new place especially if you have issues with rents or moving expenses. If you were not aware of this, make sure you check the opportunities available for you. Go ahead and look out for the various programs and grants mentioned in this article. We hope you have a safe and cost-effective move.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Moving Expenses Tax Deductible?

Unfortunately, moving expenses are no longer tax deductible in the US until 2025 because of the TCJA (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act). Only military personnel are eligible for tax deductions for moving provided they meet any of the two important criteria mentioned by the government: They either have to be an active member of the Armed Forces or are relocated because of a permanent change in station.

Speaking of military personnel who are moving within the US, the following is covered by the moving deductions:

  • The expenses for moving household goods and personal property
  • Gas
  • Shipment of car
  • Utilities
  • Storage up to 30 days

Please note that meals and foods are not included in moving deductions. For military personnel who are moving to a permanent station, an additional advantage is that the storage costs for household items and personal property are covered until the person is at the new location. In order to claim this, you need to fill the Form 3903 while following the instructions in order to record it on Form 1040. We suggest you check the government’s official website for further details.

How much do companies pay for relocation assistance?

When it comes to relocation assistance, the relocation packages can differ for all companies. Also, depending on your position or status in your company, there will be a difference in the amount you get compared to any other employee in your company. Having said that, most companies go with the flat dollar amount to aid you with relocation costs. Let’s say that a particular company may offer around $5,000 for each of its employees. Otherwise there are certain companies that meet only specific moving costs like hiring movers, providing storage units, temporary housing, etc. That’s why we advise you to keep all the receipts and bills concerning your move safely with you just in case it helps you to get a relocation package from your company.

How do I ask for relocation assistance?

In case you are relocating because of a job transfer, you can check your company’s policy or program for financial aid. It’s important that you be direct and upfront about it especially if your reason is job related.

In order to make things easier for yourself, we advise you to make a home inventory and get a moving estimate from your local movers or any other moving company. This will give you a better idea of how much your move will cost you so that you can ask for a certain amount of relocation package from your company. If at all you need any financial assistance in case of emergencies, there are several government programs and charitable organizations that will help you with raising funds.

How long do companies give you to relocate?

Ideally, it should take around 8-16 weeks of time for you to relocate to a new place. Again, this depends on various factors like the size of your move, number of belongings, distance, etc. Speaking of moving for job related reasons, most companies give their employees a 3-4 weeks notice period. Although this may not seem enough, there are other things like paying the movers, house hunting, and other moving-related tasks that the company itself takes care of. Do keep in mind that this is only for people who move because their job or company demands them to.

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