Whether it’s the Rocky Mountains towards the east or the most talked-about Grand Junction on the western slope, Colorado is a blend of nature’s beauty and city lifestyle. That’s why it’s an amazing place to settle in. We want to remind you that just knowing about the city’s amenities is not enough if you want to move in this state.

The first thing you need to do before moving to, from, or within Colorado is to take care of all of the important paperwork. Before you become a resident of the state you will need to update your change of address paperwork. Don’t know how to go about it? That’s why we have covered everything that you need to know about Colorado DMV change of address forms. Let’s just dive right in!

Obtaining A Driver’s License When Moving To Colorado From Another State

When you are moving to a new state, it’s always good if you keep a moving checklist with you wherein you mention your priority tasks. Just like many other states, Colorado also requires you to get a new driver’s license and register your vehicle with the Colorado DMV. That’s why you need to put this task on the top of your moving checklist. Unfortunately, you don’t have an option to do it over the phone or online. You will have to go to the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles in person and apply for your new license. To save yourself some time at the office, you can fill the pre-registration form online and carry it to the Colorado DMV office. Here’s everything you need to know:

1. Apply For A Change Of Address (Getting A New License)

You have only 30 days allotted from the time of your move to complete your change of address paperwork. So make sure you keep all your packing and other tasks aside as there’s absolutely no time to waste.

The state allows you to fill the pre-registration form online wherein you’ll have to give some basic details about your citizenship and other important documents. Registering online will help you save a lot of time at the Colorado DMV office. After you complete the registration form online, you will receive an email with the expected fees and documents you’ll need to carry.

You’ll need to carry all the required documents given below:

● Your current out-of-state driver’s license.
● Proof of identification (Birth certificate or US passport will do).
● Social Security Card.
● Proof of lawful presence.
● Two documents of residential proof (lease agreement, insurance policy, bank statement, utility bill).
● Proof of date of birth.

As long as you are 16 years or above and have your out-of-state valid driver’s license, you needn’t give a driving test. But if your out-of-state license is expired, then you will have to pass a vision test.

You will be charged an application fee of around $30.87 to update your out-of-state driver’s license with your Colorado residential address. Do keep in mind that this fee would vary if at all you choose to extend the time period by which your license expires. If you want any additional information on the fee structure, go ahead and check the state’s official website.

Note: The state doesn’t require the following to apply for a Colorado driver’s license:

  • Out of state students.
  • Active military personnel and their spouses who are based in Colorado but residing in another state.

2. Register Your Vehicle In Colorado

Fortunately, Colorado gives you 90 days from the time of your move to register your vehicle in the state. But it’s better if you don’t delay this work. To get your vehicle registered, you will have to go to the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles office in person.

Do keep in mind that you’ll have to fill the Verification of Vehicle Identification Number Form to change your out-of-state vehicle title to Colorado. For any further information, you can contact the State Title Section at 303-205-5608.

Make sure that you keep the following documents handy when you are registering your vehicle at the Colorado DMV office:

  • Your out-of-state title or registration.
  • Proof of identification.
  • Proof of insurance.
  • Residential proof.

Note: An important thing you need to note that the registration and title fees differ in every county of the state depending on the car model and weight. So you’ll have to contact your local DMV office for further details.

Do you need proof of insurance to register a car in Colorado?

Yes, the state of Colorado requires you to get your proof of insurance if you want to register your car in the state.

Can you update your Colorado DMV change of address online?

No, you cannot if you’re moving to Colorado from another state. But the state gives you the option of filling the pre-registration form online.

Can you drive with a foreign driver’s license in Colorado?

You can drive with a foreign driver’s license issued by another state or country but only if you’re visiting Colorado for a short period of time.

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Obtaining A Driver’s License When Moving Within Colorado

When you are moving or changing houses within Colorado, the state requires you to change the address on your driving license within a time period of only 30 days. To avoid stressing yourself at the last minute, we advise you to keep this task on your priority lists. Don’t worry as we have covered everything you need to know about the entire process.

Fortunately, the state gives you three alternatives to get your address updated on your driver’s license and vehicle registration in Colorado. You can either do it on the Colorado DMV website online or mail your change of address form to their office. There’s also another alternative of visiting the Colorado DMV office in person. You can choose any option that is convenient for you.

1. Online

This is definitely one of the quickest and easiest ways to get your driver’s license updated. You will have to fill the change of address form online on the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles website. Here’s what you’ll need to fill the form:

  • Your current Colorado license number.
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security Number (last four digits).
  • Old and new residential address.

Just like the time period to update your driver’s license in Colorado, you have 30 days to update the address on your vehicle registration when you’re moving within Colorado. Since there’s very little time to waste, you can choose to do it online, via mail, or in person.

Make sure that you have the following documents handy:

  • Your current Colorado driver’s license.
  • Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  • Your license plate number.

2. By Mail

Another convenient way to update your change of address on your driver’s license is by mailing your completed DR (2285) form. All you have to do is print your completed change of address form and mail to the following address:

Colorado Department of Revenue,
Division of Motor Vehicles,
P.O. Box 173350,
Denver, CO 80217-3350.

3. In Person

If at all you don’t prefer things getting done online or by mail, you can always choose to visit the office in person. Just go to your nearest Colorado license office and fill the change of address form. Make sure that you carry two documents as proof of your new residential address.

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When You Are Moving Out Of Colorado

Moving to a new place can be really stressful as you have to take care of so many things at the same time. One of the things that you don’t need to worry about is notifying the DMV office about your move. Also, the state doesn’t require you to notify them about your move to another state with your registered vehicle. Once you move to a new state and get your new driver’s license, your Colorado driver’s license will automatically get canceled. But an important thing you need to keep in mind is that you have to keep your current license and license plate handy with you. To get a new license in your new state, you will have to give your old license for verification.

How To Contact The Colorado DMV?

Website: dmv.colorado.gov
Phone: (303) 205-5600
Operational Hours: 8 am – 5 pm.

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To make things easier for you, the state of Colorado provides you several motor vehicle offices in each of its counties. Not just that, to a certain extent, the online service can help you get done with the license and change of address formalities faster. We acknowledge the fact the planning and organizing your move can be really tedious and stressful. That’s why we advise you to choose any alternative convenient for you in order to get done with updating your license and vehicle registration at the earliest.