Buying a new house is as fun as it can get. After all, you get to pick the size of your house, the neighborhood you want to live in and the best part of it all, you get to design the interiors. But before you get to that exciting part, you unfortunately have to go through a complex and confusing process.

So how do you make your moves stress-free? Finding the right moving company is key to a successful and stress-free move. That is exactly why we have picked out some of the best companies out there that will cater to all your moving needs. Ready to get started? Let’s have a look at the 5 best moving van lines!

Top 5 Moving Van Lines in the U.S.

Moving CompanyUnited Van LinesInternational Van LinesWheaton World Wide MovingNorth American Van LinesJK Moving Services
LogoUnited Van Lines logoInternational Van Lines logoWheaton World Wide Moving logoNorth American Van Lines logoJK Moving Company logo
DoT Number77949229383270719708511065394
MC Number672347969787113107012196957
ProsFull coverage plan included in the estimate.

Transparent prices.

More than 80 decades of experience.
Has locations in more than 180 countries.

Convenient storage services.

Offers several discounts.
Offers priority relocation services

Website contains informative online resources.

Helps out charitable organizations.
Impressive array of services.

Offers trash disposal services.

Background checks all its employees.
Offers tech-savvy services.

Values the environment.

Offers guaranteed dates for pickup and deliveries
ConsNo instant online estimates.

Service quality differs from location to location.
Have to pay a security deposit.

Prices aren’t transparent.
Customer reviews differ according to locations.

Don’t offer shipment tracking services.
Limited availability of storage options.

Pricier than its competitors.
No instant online estimates.

Local moves aren’t available

5 Top-Rated Moving Van Lines

  1. United Van Lines
  2. International Van Lines
  3. Wheaton World Wide Moving
  4. North American Van Lines
  5. JK Moving Services

1. United Van Lines

United Van Lines logo

Can you believe that they have been in the business since 1928? Think about how good they must have gotten over all these years of moving people across the country! United Van Lines takes pride in being able to provide its clients with moves tailored to each of their specific needs. This means that even if you opt for a full-service move, you can still choose to DIY certain parts of your move. Not only this but you can also avail of several add-on services that will make your life easier.

Reasons to Choose United Van Lines:

Safest Company for your Belongings: Wouldn’t it be a dream come true if you don’t have to spend extra money on coverage whenever you have to move? Well, this is what happens when you hire United Van Lines. Unlike other companies, United Van Lines offers full coverage for your items without you having to pay even a single extra penny.

The coverage costs are calculated in the following way: you are given $6 of coverage for every pound of a damaged item. This is a pretty comprehensive plan as compared to the basic liability coverage and you won’t have to purchase extra insurance unless you are planning to move highly valuable objects.

Just in case you plan to move some valuables and you feel that their full coverage isn’t enough for you, you can simply purchase every $1,000 of additional coverage at a measly cost of $5.50.

Transparent Pricing: When you try to get an estimate from moving companies, most of them would quote low prices upfront. But later on, they slam you with multiple additional charges. However, that is not the case with United Van Lines.

They will provide you with an estimate and explain the exact breakdown of the prices. They also have some full-service moving packages that are offered at a flat rate. This means that the quoted price is all you have to pay. There will be no additional charges added to your final bill later on.

Good to Know: Unlike most companies, United Van Lines offers electronics installation services for commercial moves. They can disconnect and re-setup all your PC networks, computers, phones and you don’t have to look for additional help for these services.

2. International Van Lines

International Van Lines logo

While even a simple local move also might seem difficult, moving countries or continents can throw you off your feet. But it is equally true that a good moving company can make such a task seem less daunting.

International Van Lines is one such company that has a stronghold over the moving market. It has helped its clients move all over the world for the last 20 years. Not only does it own and run multiple locations, warehouses, and transportation systems, but it has also established a network of excellent movers who will help you out if in case IVL’s crew can’t reach you.

Reasons to Choose International Van Lines:

Global Presence: Do you know what’s the best part about International Van Lines? They are not only available across the USA, but they are actually serving people located across the world. They have maintained a strong grip over the moving industries of over 180 countries and they manage to do so through their well-established network of third-party moving companies.

You can avail of a door-to-door as well as a port-to-port service when you are moving internationally. International moves can get confusing, especially with the time and rule changes from country to country. However, you need not worry as the company will assign you a moving coordinator who will help you navigate the international transit times, custom inspections, and additional charges pertaining to international moves.

Convenient Storage Services: Whenever you are moving, you can never predict when you might need storage services. International Van Lines provides its customers with temporary storage solutions whenever such a need arises. If this wasn’t enough, many customers have reported using their storage services for free at least for a month. The company offers two types of storage options:

  1. Portable Containers: The company will drop off its container cubes in your driveway. You can keep the container there for a few days while you load it up according to your own convenience. Once you notify them, they will drive these containers to their warehouse storage facilities.
  2. Warehouse Storage Facilities: International Van Lines provides its clients with a secure and safe warehouse storage space to stash their stuff until their new place is ready. It is important to note that these services are available across the world.

Good to Know: International Van Lines offers tons of discounts that make your moves super cheap. They are known to offer up to 70% of discounts on long-distance moves, so don’t forget to take advantage of these offers!

3. Wheaton World Wide Moving

Wheaton World Wide Moving logo

If you say efficiency, Wheaton World Wide Moving is the first company that comes to our mind. With a growing network of moving agents across the country as well as the world, Wheaton excels at providing its customers with a wide variety of services. They proudly claim to be committed to offering high-quality services to their clients. Due to their responsiveness towards problems and prompt resolution of clients’ issues, they have built a solid reputation in the moving industry.

Reasons to Choose Wheaton World Wide Moving:

Priority Relocation Services: Sometimes you need to move on short notice and have your shipment delivered to you urgently because of certain time constraints. For instance, if you are a member of the military, you might be required to reach a location and resume your job in the next week. In such circumstances, you might be worried whether the moving company will deliver your stuff in time. Well, Wheaton has relieved several people of this stress by offering priority relocation services.

If you are a priority relocation customer, Wheaton will accelerate your shipment process in order to adhere to your deadlines. They also provide you with guaranteed delivery dates. However, you must know that this service will cost you a little bit extra. It will definitely go above your budget but it is totally worth availing of this service.
Why exactly do we say this? It is because Wheaton works sincerely to accommodate your deadlines and even gives you a $150 reimbursement for each day that the shipment is late. As a side note, you should know that you can use this service only if the weight of your shipment is between 3,000 – 6,000 pounds.

Informative Online Resources: It is not like you move all the time because of which you might not be an expert on the subject. Although moving is a little bit stressful, a little bit of guidance can make a lot of difference. Wheaton has tried to make moves easy for their customers by offering them a lot of guidance through their website.
Their website contains several informative articles on moving tips, checklists, forms that need to be filled, etc., that you should read if you want to have a smooth move. They also cover several other topics that are related to moving that guide you and make your moves easy. Additionally, they also publish material that is specific to how things work when you hire them.

This is a good section to have because you don’t have to call customer service over and over again to satisfy your queries. With all the tasks that have to be done, moving can get a little bit confusing. In times like these, their comprehensive online resources are a lifesaver.

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Did you Know? Wheaton World Wide Moving is also committed to helping others because of which they support multiple charities namely Indiana Children’s Wish Fund and Move for Hunger. Moreover, the Indiana Chamber of Commerce also awarded them with the title of ‘Green Business’.

4. North American Van Lines

North American Van Lines logo

88 years and counting, North American Van Lines still remains one of the favorite moving companies of the people of America. Not only are they present all over America, but they have also built a worldwide network that’s spread out in more than 130 countries. The company is super flexible when it comes to accommodating your needs. You can pick up the services you like and mix and match them to get a customized deal for yourself.

Reasons to Choose North American Van Lines:

Impressive Array of Services: North American Van Lines is a one-stop-shop where you will find every imaginable moving service. They provide full-service packages for local, long-distance, international, and commercial moves. If this wasn’t enough, they also have storage services, packing and moving labor, packing/moving supplies, and portable storage containers at your service at all times.

These seem like a lot of services, right? Well, the list doesn’t end here. They also ship all kinds of vehicles including cars, motorcycles, RVs, trucks, and so on. We can guarantee one thing about North American Van Lines. You would never face a situation in which you ask them for something and they don’t provide you with it.

Trash Disposal Services: North American Van Lines will make life easier for you by offering trash disposal services. They will help you to downsize your moves and clear out waste items from your house. If you are going for a commercial move, they will offer to shred waste documents and dispose of old equipment and furniture. The company relieves you of all the worrying that accompanies the process of searching for a good trash disposal company.

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Did you know? In 1999, North American Van Lines merged with Allied Van Lines which is an industry leader as well. Today, this alliance has maintained a stronghold over the industry as they ensure that their services reach each and every customer irrespective of where they are located.

5. JK Moving Services

JK Moving Company logo

The journey of this company in the moving industry started about 40 years ago and since then, there has been no stopping their growth. If you are looking for high-quality services given to you in the utmost professional manner, JK Moving Services is the way to go.

This premium moving company is so good that its services are used by the most important entities like the presidents of the USA and Fortune 500 companies. If you wish to experience their elite services at competitive pricing, don’t hesitate to book your next move with them.

Reasons to Choose JK Moving Services:

Tech-Savvy Services: Technology has advanced a lot in today’s times and JK Moving services ensures that they take advantage of this. Their website is super easy to navigate and you can get all the details of their services over there. Their trucks are GPS enabled which allows you to track your shipment at all points in time.

If you are moving your office, you are in luck because the company has trained some of its crew members to be PC technicians. These technicians have gained expertise in moving office equipment and reinstalling electronics in the new office space.

They have also launched a mobile app that has made the process of getting in touch with the company super easy. The phone app lets you make reservations, get estimates and satisfy all your queries by being in touch with your moving coordinator. Their app is also equipped with an AI-driven estimate tool that lets you conduct a virtual survey of your home to get an estimate. That’s super convenient, isn’t it?

Values the Environment: JK Moving Services is committed to a greener way of doing business because it realized that the moving industry leaves quite a mark on the environment. They wanted to adapt to a sustainable way of doing business because of which they implemented certain practices in their company. Firstly, all the moving supplies used by them are either being reused or are sent for recycling once they are in unusable conditions.

A major step taken by them towards protecting the environment is swapping all their trucks for Tesla’s electric semis. These electric trucks do not use any fuel as a result of which there are no harmful emissions released in the air. At the same time, they prevent a non-renewable source of energy from getting depleted due to reckless overuse of it by their vehicles.

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Good to Know: JK Moving Services provides you with the guaranteed pick as well as delivery dates. This is great for you as it cuts out all the uncertainty that surrounds your shipping date and also saves you a lot of time and stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most affordable moving company?

The following are some of the best moving companies that will definitely fit your budget.

How far in advance should you schedule movers?

Ideally speaking, you should start looking into moving companies and finalize one at least 2 months before you move. This will give you enough time to plan out your move and you will also get a lot of choice between movers and their services. If you book at the last moment, slots or certain services might not be available with the movers.

Also, 2 months give you enough time to contemplate and cancel your move free of charge if something goes wrong. Canceling your move some days before the scheduled date can incur heavy cancellation charges. In the worst-case scenario, you should book your movers at least 3-4 weeks before you move.

What is the best day of the week to move?

If you wish to move, pick up a weekday for the move. This will ensure that mostly all kinds of services will be available with the movers due to less demand and you will also be able to score cheaper deals as well.

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