A city with near to perfect everything; be it parks, verdant trees, beautifully manicured shrubs lining the residential areas or just about anything else, Portland Oregon has an undeniable allure to it. The Willamette River winding through town and with Mt. Hood in the Horizon, you could quite possibly think you are inside the pages of a beautifully illustrated book. With its strongest affection for indie culture, art, literature, nothing can really beat its off-beat charms as a city.

Most people residing in Portland Oregon can testify that life here is great. Although, there are enough of those people looking to move out of Portland, be it within Oregon or out of the state altogether. Understandably so. There are always personal goals, need for a change and situations beyond our control. So when the time comes, even if it is to move within the city of Portland itself, you will need the services of a reliable moving company.

Speaking of which, have a look at our list of the best moving companies in Portland Oregon and choose your pick!

Top 5 Professional Portland Oregon Movers

Moving CompanyPrimetime Movers PortlandPortland Movers CompanyAll Service MovingBridgetown Moving & StorageWillamette Valley Moving
LogoPrime Time Movers Portland LogoPortland Movers Company logoAll Service Moving logoBridgetown Moving & Storage LogoWillamette Valley Moving Logo
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Residential Move for long distance
Piano and Safe Moving

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Full Service Packing and Unpacking
Full Service Moving

Full Service Packing

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ConsPiano and Specialty Movers

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5 Top-Rated Moving Companies in Portland Oregon

  1. Primetime Movers Portland
  2. Portland Movers Company
  3. All Service Moving
  4. Bridgetown Moving & Storage
  5. Willamette Valley Moving

1. Primetime Movers Portland

Prime Time Movers Portland Logo

Primetime Portland Movers was founded in 2011 and has grown to become one of the premier moving companies in Portland. With a team who take their job very seriously, packing things to perfection and loading trucks so well, that unloading is a breeze and the things reach the new location without any damage. But even more so, it all happens as perfectly as possible.

Primetime Movers Portland can help with local moves, office moves, labor only loading and unloading and various packing services options as well. Like we mentioned, you can hire Primetime Movers for labor only jobs as well, if you have decided to do the move yourself. Primetime has their workforce trained and on its payrolls, which makes a world’s difference. Simply because it helps in accountability and creates a higher sense of responsibility. Doo keep in mind that these guys don’t really provide piano moving service or that of any such complicated specialty items.

Reasons to Choose Primetime Movers Portland:

Office Moves: Primetime Movers Portland are one of the highly rated office movers in Portland. The team will pack and transport all items of office that includes PCs, monitors, and other office paraphernalia. But that’s not all, they also disassemble all office furniture, and are fully equipped to pack entire workstations. A sign of their professionalism is that they are licensed and insured, while also being very aware of how responsibly they need to carry out the office moving. After all, it basically means that you need to get back into business as quickly as possible. Primetime also helps with short and long term storage solutions.

Loading and unloading Labor Only: There may be times when you decide to do the move yourself. You may have hired or rented a truck or a container for that very purpose. But after you have packed everything up, you can still share the stress of moving with Primetime Movers Portland. The company gives you the option of hiring them for labor only tasks such as loading and unloading all your belongings for you. So be it rental moving trucks or storage trucks, turn to Primetime Movers Portland and they will handle the rest. But don’t worry, if you’re dealing with large moving trailers, these guys have the expertise to lend a helping hand with that too.

Reviews and Ratings

  • Google: 5/5
  • Angie’s List: 4.9/5
  • Yelp: 5/5

Company Information

  • Address: 2227 SE Madison Street Portland, OR 97214
  • Phone: 503-201-7953
  • Email: info@primetimemoversportland.com
  • Website: https://primetimemoversportland.com/
  • Working Hours: Mon-Fri: 8am-6pm Sat: 10am-1pm Sun: Closed

2. Portland Movers Company

Portland Movers Company logo

A moving company that is professionally equipped to wrap and pack everything – all while helping you with a seamless move to your new location, be it work or home. With a goal driven mindset to provide the best move ever to their customers, Portland Movers Company will help with packing, unpacking, loading and unloading to make sure you have a stress free move. They are famous in Portland for their professionally trained, cooperative and amiable movers who have years of experience in moving. Not only that, their staff are renowned for having left a trail of very happy and satisfied customers.

Fair priced and providing accurate moving quotes, Portland Movers Company brings the highest quality customer service to every assignment they take up. As evident from their name, Portland Movers Company is a local, family owned company who have been around in business since 2005. On top of that, they have a very professional and motivated team backed with years of experience and a passion for what they do.

Reasons to Choose Portland Movers Company:

Commercial Movers: If you are looking to move your business to a new location or just refurbishing your current office, reach out to Portland Movers Company and they will handle the rest. Even if it is just setting up a new office, the company will send you a team of reliable and dedicated team of movers to help you handle everything efficiently. Unlike most companies, Portland Movers Company offers Commercial Moving Services at really affordable rates. Yet, it doesn’t really take anything away from them in terms of quality of work. They are efficient, time bound and will deliver nothing short of a good quality.

For their commercial moves, the company will help with packing supplies both large and small. At the same time, you can use their service for local moving, inter-state moving or even long distance moves. Beyond moving supplies, the company also has services for you to hire moving trucks. Whatever may be your requirement for a successful commercial moving, Portland Movers Company will help you with that.

Residential Movers: Portland Movers understand that moving homes is not just stressful, but it also is a coming together of memories, excitement, nerves and a lot of unknowns. You want everything to go right, as much as you possibly can. One of the first and best ways to feel a little less stressed is by hiring a team of professionals who can help you with moving. It will at least be one major task stuck off your to-do list. Luckily for you, Portland Movers Company have been in the business for a very long time. Not only is this their bread and butter, it’s also their strength. Every facet of Residential moving can be taken care of by them, be it packing and unpacking or loading and unloading.

Reviews and Ratings

  • Google: 4.9/5
  • Yelp: 4.5/5
  • Hire a Helper: 4.8/5

Company Information

  • Address: 320 NE 63rd Ave, Portland, OR 97213, United States
  • Phone: 503-688-4687
  • Email: contact@portlandmoversco.com
  • Website: https://portlandmoversco.com/
  • Working Hours: Monday to Sunday: 7am to 7pm

3. All Service Moving

All Service Moving logo

All Service Moving is the largest independent mover in the Pacific Northwest. Founded in 2004, they offer full service commercial and residential moves, including high end relocations and warehousing too. All Service Movers will also help businesses with employee relocations. As a full-service moving company, you can definitely use them for packing, storage solutions, shipping and receiving too. All Service Moving also provides private, secure and climate controlled storage for all the times that you need to store those extra items. As their name suggests, they do help with all kinds of moving work. It could be for a full-fledged house or office, or it could be a one off moving of heavy items like say, a hot tub. Whatever be the nature of the move, you can hire All Service Moving.

Reasons to Choose All Service Moving:

Office Relocations: Office Relocations are not as easy as home moves. It’s absolutely understandable that office relocations are time bound. They have to be done fast, with efficiency and in a way that it doesn’t affect your business or your people in any way. Now that’s precisely why All Service Movers will send you a trained and highly efficient team when you book them for an office relocation. They also work off duty hours or weekends.

Plus these guys are proficient in IT tear down and reassembly as well, apart from handling of sensitive equipment and full FF&E capabilities. If needed, All Service Movers will help you with secure crating and moving supplies as well. So any kind of packing support you need, or an all-inclusive move protection to ensure you are set up, you can get it. Best part is that it will all be ready to roll the following week with no loss of business or disruption to you or your clients.

Storage: All Service Movers understand that moving is stressful, difficult, disruptive and sometimes it means unmatched schedules or downsizing. And in any or all of these situations, sometimes you need more storage. To help you with it, All Service Movers will provide you with various storage options to fit your short or long term needs. All their storage facilities are secure, climate controlled facilities, with 24×7 surveillance. Moreover, the storage services of All Service Movers also come with on-site warehousing staff and appointment only access. Once you book the facilities, you can actually go ahead with your life with the peace of mind that all your belongings are safe and secure.

Reviews and Ratings

  • UK trust pilot: 4.9/5
  • Yelp: 4.5/5
  • Google: 4.9/5

Company Information

  • Address: 66 SE Morrison St, Portland, OR 97214, United States
  • Phone: 503-810-2770
  • Email: move@allservicemoving.com
  • Website: https://allservicemoving.com/
  • Working Hours: Monday to Friday : 7am to 7pm, Saturdays 7am to 4pm, Sundays 9am to 4pm

4. Bridgetown Moving & Storage

Bridgetown Moving & Storage Logo

On-time, dependable, experienced and reliable are few of the traits of the Bridgetown Moving and Storage Movers team. A family owned business that totally gets why it’s important to alleviate all the challenges and stress that moving brings. They are a team who are here to assist you and give you a fantastic moving day experience. With their prompt and timely service, you will never be in want of speed or see a lack of seriousness in them.

A big part of their expertise is knowing just what kind of lifting and packing techniques and maneuvers it takes to ensure all your belongings are safe and sound. Bridgetown Moving & Storage can help you with Residential moving, office moves and long distance moves too. As a full service moving company, they will come equipped with a truck, various essentials tools and all the equipment to see you sailing through the move. Oh and just so you know, Bridgetown Moving & Storage are also experts at office moving and cleaning.

Reasons to Choose Bridgetown Moving & Storage:

Long Distance Moving: Moving is always stressful and long distance even more so, because it comes with so much scheduling, logistics, and the journey to finally reach your new home, before being able to settle down. When you hire Bridgetown Moving & Storage, you are actually signing up for a plethora of services. So what if it’s a long distance move? You still get the perks of packing and unpacking, high quality moving supplies, disassembly and reassembly of furniture, cleaning and junk removal, short and long term storage, and furniture arrangement too.

Residential and Office Move: As a full service moving company, Bridgetown will come equipped with their tools, trucks, equipment and the most reliable staff to ensure you have a great move. They will pack everything up with shrink wrap, bubble wrap and sturdy corrugated boxes among other essential supplies. Every move will have 5 complimentary wardrobe boxes available for use. The team can help you with basic disassembling and reassembling of furniture too.

Office moves are complex and have a lot going on in them. The Bridgetown team is completely experienced to relocate delicate electronics equipment and documents. Not only that, but you can count on them to move modular furniture as well. Wait, we’re not done yet. Bridgetown Moving & Storage also helps with moving inventory and sensitive documents, deconstruction and assembly of modular furniture, and also temporary or long term storage. Best part is that they are well experienced to help with small offices and large corporate centers alike.

Reviews and Ratings

  • Google: 5/5
  • Yelp: 5/5
  • Angie’s List: 4.8/5

Company Information

  • Address: 3620 NW St Helens Rd, Portland, OR 97210, United States
  • Phone: 503-664-4477
  • Email: info@bridgetown-moving.com
  • Website: https://bridgetown-moving.com/
  • Working Hours: Monday to Friday: 8am to 6pm, Saturday: 9am to 3pm, Sunday: Closed

5. Willamette Valley Moving

Willamette Valley Moving Logo

For the past 18 years, Willamette Valley Moving have been accomplishing successful moves for the customers in Portland and surrounding areas. With highly skilled, experienced and efficient staff members, they will bring together your move in the most organized and efficient manner ever. You will not have to lift a finger to do anything for it. They will help you pack your belongings, take extra care with fragile pieces in your home, and ensure everything moves and reaches your new location in the best way possible.

Reasons to Choose Willamette Valley Moving:

Residential Moving: Think you break into a sweat every time you worry about your move? Worry not. Willamette Valley Team will ensure everything is under control. They will come to your door with the best of equipment, tools, trucks and most importantly, a great attitude to help you with the move. The team will pack up every item in your house and ensure it reaches safe and sound to your new home.

Office Moving: With their full time, professional staff, you can be rest assured that Willamette Valley Moving will help you move really well. You will not have to worry about anything. Be it the equipment, cubicles, papers or anything else that makes your office, it can all be packed, stored and moved to its new location without a fuss or a sound.

Reviews and Ratings

  • Google: 4.5/5
  • Yelp: 5/5
  • Angie’s List: 4.9/5

Company Information

  • Address: 3055 NW Yeon Ave, Portland, OR 97210, United States
  • Phone: 503-621-0442
  • Email: willamettevalleymoving@msn.com
  • Website: https://www.willamettevalleymoving.com/
  • Working Hours: Monday to Saturday: 8am to 5pm, Sunday: 8am to 1pm

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