Are you getting ready to move from Charlotte, NC or relocate within the city? If so, it can be a daunting process – and sometimes stressful. But with the right moving company on your side, it doesn’t have to seem like such an overwhelming experience.

After scouring countless reviews and gathering great feedback from highly reliable sources, we’ve compiled this detailed list of the best moving companies in Charlotte that should make that transition easier for everyone involved.

So if you’re looking for reliable movers who will take good care of your belongings while also keeping things organized and stress-free throughout the entire move – read on!

Top 5 Professional Charlotte NC Movers

Moving CompanyHornet MovingEasy MoversBellhop MovingExclusive Moving & DeliveryGentle Giant Moving Company
LogoHornet Moving LogoEasy Movers LogoBellhop MovingExclusive Moving and Storage logoGentle Giant Moving Company logo
DoT Number2841083 (US DoT)648055 (US DoT)2878240 (US DoT)2310840 (US DoT)373544 (US DoT)
MC NumberNAICC MC – MC304469MC – 965964MC – 788916218762
ProsClear cut pricing strategies.

Excellent customer service.
Customized moves.

Competitive prices.
Use modern innovations.

Wide range of services offered.
Focus on customer satisfaction.

Good reviews.
Specialty services available.

Nationwide availability.
ConsLocal only

No storage services
NACommunication could be better.Less informative website.

Limited service area.
Above average rates.

5 Top-Rated Moving Companies in Charlotte NC

  1. Hornet Moving
  2. Easy Movers
  3. Bellhop Moving
  4. Exclusive Moving & Delivery
  5. Gentle Giant Moving Company

1. Hornet Moving

Hornet Moving Logo

If you are looking for a company that offers all residential and commercial moving services, and at the same time, only charges by the minute, Hornet Moving is the place to go. A relatively new name in the moving industry, Hornet Moving is a Charlotte based company offering top notch services since 2015. Their team comprises clean-cut, athletic young men who are professionally trained to handle all moves with care and efficiency. Furniture assembly, piano moving and crating are some of the services that they offer in addition to packing, unpacking and loading. Hornet Moving prides itself on the good reviews left by their customers and being accredited with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, only adds one more feather to their cap.

Reasons To Choose Hornet Moving:

Flat Hourly Rates: Yes, what you may have commonly seen is companies either offering hourly rates or flat binding rates for all moves, but Hornet Moving has come up with a unique pricing strategy of combining both rates. Hornet Moving charges by the minute and does not round up making sure that you only pay for the time you use. They have no additional or surprise fees that could haunt you later. As mentioned on their official website, hornet Moving charges $120/hour from Monday to Thursday and $130/hour on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. $40/hour is the charge for additional movers needed. Your billing would start only when they arrive at your house. And, oh, the best part is that they have no travel fees for local moves within Charlotte, definitely making them one of the most affordable moving companies in the city.

Tailored Moves For All: If you are a student or a young adult, you may be looking out to move into a studio apartment, or if you have a growing family, moving to a bigger condo may be on your mind. No matter the size and situation of your move, Hornet Moving is here to tackle it all for you. Their experienced young professionals are trained to efficiently handle all moves big or small alike. The flexible labor options and affordable hourly rates offered by Hornet Moving, definitely help you plan the move the way you want it and, in the budget, you would want to stick to. That sounds like a fair deal, right?

Ratings And Reviews

  • Google – 4.9/5
  • Thumbtack – 4.7/5
  • Yelp – 4.5/5

Contact Information

  • Address: 920 W Craighead Rd. Charlotte NC 28206
  • Phone: 704-620-2154
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Working-hours: Monday – Sunday (8:30 am – 6 pm)

2. Easy Movers

Easy Movers Logo

A moving company that operates 24/7? That’s Easy Movers. A locally owned and operated moving company, Easy Movers is conveniently your one stop shop for all moving services in Charlotte. Whether you are looking for packing assistance or storage options, Easy Movers have it all set out for you. Their customer feedback reviews and recognition by known organizations, are enough evidence to showcase the reputation they have been building since the late 1980s. Apart from being a member of the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) and North Carolina Movers Association, Easy Movers are also accredited with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.

Reasons To Choose Easy Movers:

Customer Oriented Approach: One of the main reasons why you may want to hire moving companies in the first place, is to have someone to share the responsibility, load, and not to forget, the stress that comes with relocating. Easy Movers understand the needs of their clients and are ready to demonstrate the responsibility and accountability for all the moves that they assist. As their name literally suggests, Easy Movers have staff that are easy and polite to deal with, and will do everything to make your move an easy go process. If that wasn’t all, Easy Movers commit to listening before proposing and showcase the ability to solve problems with an ease. For them, having satisfied customers ends up being one of their biggest achievements that they aim for.

Storage facilities: Surely many moving companies also offer storage facilities, but how many of them would be accessible to you 24 hours a day? Easy Movers not only provide throughout the day access to your storage unit, but also provide their customers with clean, alarmed, fully secured and fireproof facilities for all their storage needs. Everything that Easy Movers keep in their storage is neatly labelled and is blanket padded. Upholstered items shall also remain shrink wrapped while in their storage facilities. You can be rest assured that all your priceless possessions shall be safely taken care of by Easy Movers in their professionally secured storage units.

Ratings And Reviews

  • Google – 4.6/5
  • Angie’s List – 4.5/5
  • HomeAdvisor – 4.5/5

Contact Information

  • Address: 11021 Downs Road Suite C, Pineville, NC 28134
  • Phone: 704-588-6868
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Working-hours: Open 24 hours.

3. Bellhop Moving

Bellhop Moving

Bellhop Moving is not like the traditional moving companies. It is actually a modern alternative that combines technology with a team of professional workers who provide a fun and efficient moving experience. The company started on a mission to transform the outdated moving industry into a more reliable and trustworthy experience that is wholesome at the end. Not only in and around Charlotte, NC, but Bellhop Moving also has its branches in all the major states and cities across the nation. What makes Bellhop Moving actually stand out from its competitors is their high end combination of tech-enabled logistics and efficient labor. With this combination they ensure that your move happens in as swift and smooth manner as is possible.

Reasons To Choose Bellhop Moving:

Technologically Driven: From the initially booking process, till coordinating with your movers on the big day, Bellhop Moving uses technology for all its aspects. A custom moving plan is created online for you and once your booking is confirmed, Bellhop Moving will be giving you access to their customer dashboard, where you can review and manage every part of your move. Lastly, the company also sends you practical tips and updates, along with an introduction and pictures of the team that is going to assist you so that you’re greeted by familiar faces on the moving day.

In-Home Moving Assistance: If you aren’t exactly looking to relocate to another place, but still need some assistance with furniture rearranging in your house, Bellhop Moving is ready to assist you gladly. Apart from local and long distance moving services, Bellhop Moving is known to provide efficient in-home moving and storage assistance. Along with furniture rearrangement, they can help you with garage reorganization or home staging as well. Only need some help rearranging your storage unit? Bellhop Moving has got that and other similar jobs too, covered for you.

Ratings And Reviews

  • Google – 4.8/5
  • Thumbtack – 4.6/5
  • Yelp – 4/5

Contact Information

  • Address: 6433 Creekstone Place, Charlotte, NC 28213
  • Phone: 704-307-4417
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Working-hours: Monday – Saturday (8 am – 9 pm), Sunday (9 am – 8 pm)

4. Exclusive Moving And Delivery

Exclusive Moving and Storage logo

Originating from Charlotte, NC, Exclusive Moving And Delivery is a specialty moving and delivery service for all residential as well as commercial moves. If you’re only looking for packing supplies or need complete assistance with packing and unpacking, Exclusive Moving could be your place to go to in the city. Apart from full packing services, Exclusive Moving also offers a range of loading, furniture moving and business moving services as well. To add to it, Exclusive Moving holds a great reputation amongst all its customers and is also accredited with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.

Reasons To Choose Exclusive Moving And Delivery:

Care To Detail: Common objects that need to be moved while relocating can be handled well by all. But what needs special attention and gentle touch are the unique objects that may not be moved regularly. Exclusive Moving And Delivery, with their expertise and trained professionals, know exactly how to handle all such objects. Be it your grandma’s rare chinaware or your exquisite piano, you can trust them to handle everything with utmost care and precision. With such professionalism and exceptional service, Exclusive Moving And Delivery is sure to take the stress off your shoulders while relocating.

Same Day Service: Did your mover cancel on you last minute? Or did your boss order you to shift ASAP? You don’t need to stress out as Exclusive Moving And Delivery is here to your rescue. Clearly stated on their website are the terms, ‘No last minute cancellations’ and their excellent ratings show that these people stick to their words. With customer satisfaction at their core, Exclusive Moving And Delivery makes sure to accommodate all your last minute and urgent needs. All members of their team are ready to go that extra mile to make sure that you have an easy and stress free move.

Ratings And Reviews

  • Google – 5/5
  • Angie’s List – 4.9/5
  • HomeAdvisor – 4.9/5

Contact Information

  • Address: 4900 Hovis Rd, Charlotte, NC 28208
  • Phone: 704-817-7131
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Working-hours: Monday – Saturday (8 am – 5:30 pm)

5. Gentle Giant Moving Company

Gentle Giant Moving Company logo

A company whose workers proudly refer to themselves as ‘Giants’, Gentle Giant Moving Company has all the moving services that you need to ensure a stress free relocation. Established around 1980, the Gentle Giants are equipped to handle all kinds of moves including local, long distance, residential as well as commercial moves. Custom crating and piano moving are some of the speciality services offered by the company. With customer satisfaction as their center of focus, Gentle Giant Moving Company is spread across 20 locations in the United States. Not only that, they also provide services for long distance moves in any of the 48 American states. Besides being a Pro Mover Member, the Gentle Giants are also accredited with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.

Reasons To Choose Gentle Giant Movers:

Specialty Services Offered: Yes, most moving companies offer the same kind of services but what makes them special is the intricacy with which they are executed. Gentle Giant Moving Company has well trained and hard working staff, who can not only help you with normal moving services but also have the experience of handling fragile items and moving pianos. To add to it, they are also one of the few companies to provide crane services especially for all those odd household items that won’t fit through entryways or the heavy furniture that won’t skim through narrow stairways.

Get Boxes At Cheap Rates: Moving is for the most part, a costly affair. And most of us are just on the lookout for saving a penny here and there. Gentle Giants can help you out here. One of the perks of hiring them is that you don’t have to worry about the boxes for packing all your belongings. Apart from selling packing supplies at affordable rates, the Gentle Giants also provide free delivery of boxes and moving supplies, if you choose to go the DIY way. Not only that, they are even ready to give you around $0.25/box if you return at least 20 used Gentle Giant boxes after your move. But what if I don’t use all the boxes? Worry not, your unused boxes will also not be a waste. The Gentle Giants are ready to give you a refund for every unused box you return.

100% Crew Guarantee: Have you ever heard of a money back guarantee for if your movers don’t deliver the service as expected? Get that as well from the Gentle Giants. A unique promise, which could cost them, if the tables turn, Gentle Giant offers, what they term as ‘100% Crew Guarantee.’ It promises the delivery of exceptional service from their moving crew. And if that’s not delivered, then as clients, you will be entitled to a money back guarantee for performance of each member of their moving crew. Although, with their highly skilled workers who have been professionally trained, there aren’t many chances of such an occasion to arise, but at least you know that every penny you pay for, would be worth it.

Ratings And Reviews

  • Google – 5/5
  • Angie’s List – 4.7/5
  • Yelp – 4.5/5

Contact Information

  • Address: 3827 Barringer Drive, Charlotte, NC 28217
  • Phone: 704-376-2338
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Working-hours: Monday – Friday (8 am – 5 pm), Saturday (8 am – 12 pm)


Is It Worth Moving To Charlotte NC?

The Queen City has a lot to offer to everyone who decides to call it home. Even with its small town charm, Charlotte is a bustling business and finance hub in North Carolina. For those interested in the finance sector, moving to Charlotte would be a worthy choice. The Queen City is affordable in terms of the cost of living, and also has a growing education sector. Having said that, what you also need to know is the erratic weather scenes and the high crime rate of Charlotte, which is around 41.61% according to neighborhoodscout.

All in all, moving to Charlotte would be worth it for people who are looking out for growing opportunities. The Queen City shall not disappoint you. And oh, a fun fact for, if you are more of a coffee person – you’ll be glad to find coffee shops in almost all neighborhoods of Charlotte, with each one offering something unique than the others. If these are few of the things that you were looking for, then it would worth it moving to Charlotte.

What Is The Most Inexpensive Way To Move Long Distance?

Moving in itself is a costly affair, and on top of that if you are moving long distance, the shooting costs are bound to stress you out. But you need not worry much, as there are a few tips which could save you from burning a hole in your pockets. For instance, you could be renting a portable moving container or a moving truck which could help save you a few bucks on professional moving services.

Secondly, look out for free moving boxes and supplies instead of buying new ones. You could also ask your friends or your local liquor shops who may lend you a few boxes to use. Lastly, you could look out for discounts and also sort out things that you would want to sell or donate, thereby moving only what you think is necessary. A few other methods like moving in the off season or getting several moving quotes, if you choose to hire professional movers, are just some of the additional inexpensive ways to move long distances.

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