Is wine your true love and that’s the reason you’re planning to move to the US state which is considered to be the birthplace of wine? Or are the ecologically diverse climatic zones calling out to you to Georgia? You don’t actually need a specific reason to move to the Peach State, which by the way, is located strategically at a crossroad between Europe and Asia. Sounds cool, right? Now that you’ve decided to move, it’s a known fact that moving brings along a whole lot of formalities to be taken care of and completed.

Among other things, one important task is getting your driver license as well as your vehicle registration updated. Fortunately, the process of getting these done in Georgia isn’t so complicated at all. To get you started and feel prepared about the process, we have here a step by step guide which gives all the necessary information about the documents required, as well as the time period within which you need to get your things done. Whether you need a new driver’s license or only need to update your address on the old one, we have covered it all for you. Let’s get started!

Obtaining A Driver’s License When Moving to Georgia From Another State

You need to get yourself a new license when you move into Georgia from another state. And remember, you have only 30 days after your move to get yourself a new Georgia driver’s license. Also, note that the Peach State considers you a new resident as soon as you buy or rent a home in Georgia. So, to not fall prey to unwanted stress, it is better if you keep this among the top tasks on your priority list and then get it done at the earliest.

As of now at least, there aren’t any online or over the phone alternatives available for you to get a new driver’s license in Georgia. You will have to visit the nearest Georgia County Tag Office in-person and apply for your new license.

1. Apply For A Change Of Address (Getting A New License)

If you plan to drive your way around the Peach State, the first thing you will have to do when you move in from another state is to apply for a new license. You have only 30 days to get yourself a new license after you move into Georgia from another state. As mentioned before, you will have to go to a Georgia County Tag Office in-person to apply for your new driver’s license. Don’t forget to carry all the required documents given below:

  • Proof of Identification (US Passport or Birth certificate would work).
  • (Note: If your name on ID proof does not match the name on your driver’s license, you will also have to carry proof of name change).
  • Your current out-of-state driver’s license.
  • Social security number proof.
  • Proof of legal presence in the United States. (US Passport, Birth Certificate, Certificate of Citizenship are some of the accepted documents among others).
  • Proof of Georgia residency. (Your Current Bank Statement, Utility Bill, or Pay Stub from new Georgia address, etc).

While a driver’s test may not be necessary for a change of address (provided you still hold a current valid, out of state license), passing a vision test is mandatory. You will be charged a fee of $32 for getting a new non-commercial driver’s license in Georgia. However, if you are a Combat Veteran, Honorary or a National Guard, then you can get a new non-commercial Georgia driver’s license for free! Your standard license would be valid for a period of 8 years.

Can you update your Georgia DMV change of address online?

Not in case you’re moving from another state to Georgia. However, if you’re moving within the Peach State, then you can update your change in address online through the official state website or through their DDS 2 GO mobile app.

I changed my USPS address. Will it update my driver’s license records?

No, it won’t. You have to change your address on both independently, since changing it on one does not automatically change it on another. Also, make sure to change your USPS address first as the Georgia DMV would be verifying your new address through them.

Can you drive with a foreign driver’s license in Georgia?

Yes, for a maximum period of 1 year, provided you are a bona fide tourist visiting the United States. After the given period or if your license expires before (whichever comes first), you will have to apply for a new driver’s licence in Georgia.

2. Register Your Vehicle In Georgia

You only have a time frame of 30 days to get your vehicle registered in Georgia, so tick that off your priority list as soon as possible. You will have to head to your nearest Georgia County Tag Office in-person and get your vehicle registration done.

Note: You will need to have a valid Georgia driver’s license before you can apply for your vehicle registration.

Once you have your license, these are the list of documents that you will have to keep ready to get the process done:

  • Completed and signed MV-1 Title/Tag Application.
    (Tip: You can also fill the form online before you visit the County Tag Office and save yourself some time!)
  • Proof of Identification (Valid Georgia driver’s license).
  • Proof of Ownership (Original. Valid out-of-state title, Manufacturer’s statement of origin or Registration from a non-title State or Country).
  • Proof of current registration or renewal notice.
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Your emissions inspection document (only if it is required in your county).

Do you need proof of insurance to register a car in Georgia?

Yes, you do. In the Peach State, you do need to provide a confirmation that your vehicle insurance has been transferred to Georgia’s database and only then will you be able to register your car.

Registration fee: The standard fee of registering your vehicle in Georgia is around $20. It may vary depending on any additional charges, if applicable. You can check the official website of Georgia DMV to get a more accurate figure.

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Obtaining A Driver’s License When Moving Within Georgia

You have a period of 60 days to update your address on your driver’s license when you’re moving within Georgia. Though it may seem like a sufficient time period as compared to some other states, it is better not to wait till the last minute and get it done at the earliest.

Note: If your Georgia driver’s license is expiring within 150 days, then you will not be able to change your address on the driver’s license, instead you will have to directly renew your license for the next period.

The Georgia DMV has made the process of updating the address on your driver’s license really convenient by giving you 3 alternatives to choose from. You can either do it online, in-person or just download their DDS 2 GO mobile app. Depending on what suits you best, you can choose your method and get your documents updated in no time!

Make sure you have these documents ready, as you will need them to change your address on your Georgia driver’s license:

  • Proof of Georgia Residency (If you have a REAL ID Driver’s License then you need only 1 document, all others will need 2 approved documents).
  • Completed online application form (If you plan to do it in-person).

1. Online

Probably the most convenient way for many people today is getting their things done online. And why won’t it be? You can just sit in the comfort of your home and do things as per your convenience using technology for the best. One of those things that you can do online itself is changing the address on your Georgia driver’s license. You can just get it done through the DDS Online Services Portal.

To get the address on your driver’s license updated:

You will need to log into your existing DDS account or create a new one and fill the Change of Address application available. You may have to pay the associated fee if required.

(Note: You’ll be receiving a $5 discount from stated fees, if you are renewing your license in the Online Services Portal.)

Keep the following details handy when you’re doing the process online:

  • Your current Georgia driver’s license number
  • Your Social Security number (specifically the last four digits).

To update your registration:

You can get your address changed on your vehicle registration either through the online DRIVES e-service or you can also do it in-person at your local County Tag Office. Keep these documents ready for updating your vehicle registration:

  • Proof of residency in Georgia.
  • Your current Georgia driver’s license.
  • Your current Georgia vehicle title.
  • Completed MV-1 Title Tag Application.

2. Via Mobile App

The Georgia DMV has made their own mobile application called the DDS 2 GO App through which you can conveniently get your address updated on your driver’s license. You just need to download the app from either Apple App Store or Google Play and log into your existing or new account. Select the Address Change option from the Services menu and follow the prompts.

You need to keep your driver’s license and Social Security Number (specifically the last four digits) handy while filling the application.

How long does it take to get a Georgia driver’s license in the mail?

According to the estimate mentioned on Georgia DMV’s website, it will take around 2 to 3 weeks for your driver’s license to arrive via mail.

3. In-Person

If you still prefer the reliability of getting things done in-person, then the Georgia DMV gives you that option too. You can visit your nearest DDS Customer Service Center and provide the DDS agent with your completed application, documentation and new address. Also, be prepared to get your photo clicked for their records. You will be asked to surrender your current Georgia driver’s license and will be given a temporary paper license until your new license arrives via mail.

Good to know: The Peach State allows you to get your address changed on your driver’s license, without any fee, only once in your license term. If you need to update your address more than once during the term of your license, then you will be charged a fee. You can check the official website for further details.

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When You’re Moving Out Of Georgia

You can tick one box off your list when you are moving out of Georgia to another state, and that is, informing the Georgia DMV about your move. You do not have to worry about notifying the Georgia County Tag Office even if your vehicle is registered in Georgia. As soon as you update your license to your new state of residence, and your vehicle Title gets updated as per the procedures of the new state, your Georgia driver’s license will automatically be cancelled. To add to it, you don’t even need to return your Georgia License Plate, you can keep them or discard them.

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For many other purposes and records, your driver’s license can come handy as an important source of document. So, we recommend that you have everything up to date to avoid any unwanted tensions. Plus, getting your driver’s license and vehicle registered with an updated address isn’t a very complicated process in the Peach State. With their convenient methods and easy to follow procedures, you will be able to update your driver’s license and vehicle registration without much stress. So, get going now and get all your documents organised in no time!