There are times when you’ll need help with small repair projects like fixing a leaky faucet or a cracking door. Whether it’s ceramic work, redecorating your living room, or something small like fixing the light bulb, you may need a handyman or a contractor. There are plenty of guys out there who will promise you great services.

Worried about more damage being done than good? It’s natural to feel cautious while hiring a handyman if you’re afraid of the person either damaging your property or not turning up on the big day. That’s why we’ve done some research and digging for you to know where and how you can find the best handyman for your specific tastes.

Where To Find A Handyman?

The first thing you need to know and do is where you look for a handyman. Here’s how you can find a reliable handyman near you:

1. Get Recommendations From Friends Who Are Homeowners

The first thing you can do is approach your friends who are homeowners. There are chances that they might have had a handyman help them with any repair or decor work. This is a good way of getting feedback and recommendations from your trusted people. Also, the fact that your friends may have had a good experience with their handyman will reduce your stress and make you more comfortable. If you get negative feedback from your friends about anyone, you at least know where and with whom you’ll have to be cautious. You obviously want someone who is reliable, affordable, and experienced to do your work.

Apart from your friends and family, you can also approach your real estate agent especially if you’ve just purchased a new house. These agents have a lot of contacts and connections because of their business. Just make sure that you spread the word that you need a handyman for any particular job. Your agent or friends will definitely get some referrals for you through their contacts. It’s good to get in touch with a few people and then choose the right person to do your work. All of this is a good start for you to compare and explore your options to get the job done.

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2. Hunt For A Handyman On Various Online Platforms

The internet makes it very easy to compare the different types of services and professionals that can help you get a contractor. You need to look at the reviews and ratings of each handyman or contractor you come across to make a wise decision.

Here are some of the best platforms online where you can search for a handyman:

Angie’s List: With hundreds of reviews and different kinds of services, Angie’s List is surely one of the best places to research for moving companies, contractors, etc. Although the list is only for paid members, it’s definitely worth it. You may have to pay around $30 for a yearly plan and if you need to access the list for a short period, you can always check if they have any monthly plans.

We suggest you start searching contractors on the list by considering the number of miles from your location. Also, look at the reviews and ratings while you’re broadening the miles. Make sure you have at least three to five contractors so that you can compare them and then make your decision.

There’s nothing better than searching for A-rated reviews. Make sure you read the entire review and check both the low-end and high-end prices for the kind of services you’re looking for. The best thing about Angie’s is that they offer you a discount if you mention that you found a particular contractor or service through their list.

Yelp: Yelp is another platform where you can find a wide range of services like moving and storage companies, etc. So finding a handyman or a contractor will be very easy with the different kinds of reviews and ratings on the website. The best thing about Yelp is that along with the reviews, the company or contractor information is mentioned for your assessment. So you can find out a particular contractor’s website, phone number, and sometimes even pictures of different services offered.

We also want to bring to your attention the fact Yelp has a reputation for a lot of customer reviews that are negative and unsatisfied. The reasons may vary from customer to customer. For example, there may be customers who have just vented out their frustrations about a particular product or service. Having said that, such reviews will also help you to read between the lines and choose your contractor carefully. So read the description of the contractor carefully along with the reviews and then make your decision.

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Google Searches: This is one of the best ways to find out any handymen or contractors in your locality. Just make sure you have a Google account and that you are signed in. All you have to do is turn on your device location and search for ‘Handyman near me’ For example Looking For “Pest Control Near Me”? . With just one click you’ll get the results of all the local handymen and contractors in your area. There will be several contractors who have their websites where you can get their contact information. You can also check for the Google reviews and ratings before you choose any contractor.

Do keep in mind that anybody with a Gmail account can post reviews on the Google Business Page. That’s why we want you to be careful of the reviews that you read as they may lead you in the wrong direction. Just make sure you consult your friends who have hired a handyman before. That will help you choose the right person for the job.

Check And Enquire In Your Local Hardware Store

If at all the above options don’t work for you, you can always go and enquire in your local hardware shops. It’s unlikely that anyone would look there for any small side repair work. But most hardware stores have connections with a local handyman or contractors. If not, then they at least have a bulletin board wherein they mention the address, contact details, and websites of local contractors. Also, if you’re skeptical about any contractor, you can check their website or check the reviews on Angie’s List or Yelp.

Message Or Bulletin Boards Of Your Community

Whether you’re living in a condo building, or in your own house in an organized community, you can check for your community’s message or bulletin board. There may be different contacts of contractors mentioned there by your neighbors. You’ll find contacts of different kinds of contractors for different services like floor plans, repair work, fixing appliances, etc. These recommendations will help you pick a handyman that can serve your specific needs. This is a great option for you as your neighbors can give you feedback on the contractors. If you’re lucky, they might even help you negotiate with the contractor for a decent price for the work.

How To Choose a Reliable Handyman?

Now that you know where you can find a handyman or contractor, let’s look at what all you need to consider before you hire one. Here are some things you need to consider before hiring the right person.

Enquire And Inspect For Any Kind Of Complaints

When you have a few contractors that seem good and reliable, you need to do a background check of their work. That means regardless of what people have told you or what you think, you need to check with Better Business Bureau for any complaints about the contractors you want to hire. You can also ask your local building or code inspector to know more about any outstanding complaints with the handyman you want to hire.

Shortlist A Few Good Contractors And Interview Them

Once you shortlist contractors that seem decent with their skill sets, you can go ahead and interview them. You may want them for very simple jobs like hanging drapes or for huge tasks like redecorating your house, it’s always good to get to know the person before you hire. Go ahead and interview them over the phone or in person.

Here are the following things you should ask when you’re interviewing contractors:

  • Past experience
  • License number
  • Types of services offered
  • Estimate of the price for the work

Ask For References And Plans

Depending on the kind of services you’re looking for, you can ask your handyman or contractor for the kinds of plans they’re willing to offer. Make sure you ask them for details like the time for the job to be completed and the estimated price for it. Also, don’t forget to ask for references while you’re interviewing the contractors. They may have worked with several people in the past for different services. You can request them for the contact details of other references suitable for the kind of work you’re looking for.

Hire The Handyman Who Offers You A Good Plan Along With The Cost Estimate

Make sure that you have the plans and estimates from every contractor or handyman that you interview. Compare the plans and cost estimates from every contractor and choose what best suits your job and budget. If at all you’re pleased and certain about a particular handyman, confirm the plan and cost for materials and labor and then hire the person who seems like the jack of all trades.

Tips To Find A Good Handyman Near You

  • Beware of contractors that offer you a low estimate for the job. There may be something that they may keep from you especially when it comes to material costs.
  • Don’t fall for unrealistic promises like your work getting done sooner than expected. Also, for complicated work, make sure you hire experienced contractors and not fall for anyone who just promises you the world.
  • When you’re hiring a handyman, ask for a detailed plan. That should include the work or labor details, cost of materials, approximate time for the work to be done, and the overall labor cost. If possible, get the plan in writing.
  • Always hire a handyman or a contractor who has a license or an insurance. That will help you to deal with covering any issues related to the job like damages to your home.
  • Make sure you have a backup just in case anything goes wrong with the contractor you’ve already hired. For example, in case your contractor delays your work, doesn’t turn up at all, or damages anything in your house, you can stop the work right away and turn towards your second option.
  • While your work is going on, be there to inspect and engage in the work along with your handyman. You need to pay careful attention to the entire process. If at all you feel something’s not right, go ahead and ask questions to get the job done correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a handyman charge?

Depending on the kind of services you’re asking, the charges will differ when it comes to seeking help from a handyman. You can expect to pay between $60-$70 as hourly rates for a single handyman. But if you’re hiring a few of them, the rates can go up to $125 per hour.

In some cases, your handyman may ask for a flat rate. If yours is a small job, then you can be charged between $70-$150. But if your job requires a lot of tools and time, then you’ll be charged between $150-$300. Speaking of large jobs wherein the handyman has to spend days or weeks along with tools and equipment, you’ll be charged between $300-$1,000.

Do keep in mind that the cost of different materials and tools for your work can add up to the cost.

What type of services does a handyman offer?

Whether it’s a small repair work or home improvement, a handyman can help you with a lot of things. Some of the services offered by a handyman are as follows:

  • Cracks in the house
  • Fixing appliances
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Ceramic or flooring work
  • Installation of appliances
  • Drywall repair, hanging, mudding and taping
  • Painting the walls

When do I need to hire a contractor instead of a handyman?

If at all your work requires a lot of effort and time, then you should consult a contractor instead of a handyman. For example, complex tasks like electricity, plumbing, redecoration, etc that need lots of heavy equipment can be done effectively by hiring a contractor.

When you need help with small tasks like repairing a leaky faucet or hanging your delicate art pieces, you can approach a handyman. You can even hire a handyman if you need to paint and touch up your walls.

Does a handyman need to enter my home?

As long as you need help with outdoor repairs, your handyman needn’t come inside your house. But if you need help with plumbing, fixing doors or hanging your art, then it can’t be helped. It’s natural to feel cautious about a stranger coming to your house. That’s why we suggest you hire a handyman who either has license or insurance.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a handyman can be really tricky regardless of your job being small or big. But if you’ve read our article, then you’re ready to research and find the right handyman for your work. We wish you all the best for fixing, redecorating or improving your home!

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